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Drive Motor
PartSelect Number PS3523290
Manufacturer Part Number 4681EL1008A
This motor works with the belt to drive your dryer's drum.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Kevin from MASHPEE, MA
I would turn on the dryer it would run for about 10-20 seconds and then shutoff, and could smell something burning
There’s all sorts of videos on it I watched. It was actually very simple Read more...
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Drive Motor
PartSelect Number PS1559768
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X10010
Replaces "T" and "V" style motors. Includes two motor pulleys. If you have an older model dryer, the pulley may be pressed on or held on with a set screw. If pulley is pressed on, a new motor pulley must be ordered.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Owen from Virginia Beach, VA
Dryer made excessively loud noise when running.
I initially opened the front of the dryer and noticed that the drum slides that the drum rides on in the front of the dryer were excessively worn. I then removed the drum and noticed that the plastic bearing that supported the drum in the rear was cracked and the washer(?) appered to be disintigrating. I ordered and replaced the drum slides and rear bearing. The dryer was still making too much noise. I ran the motor with the drum removed and realized that they motor was the remaining source of the excessive noise. I then ordered and replaced the motor with a new one and this solved the problem. Total cost was around $140. Note that when ordering a new motor, the instructions on the web site indicate that you need to order the motor pulley if your existing motor has a pressed on pulley. The new motor was a kit that came with the pulley included, and therefore the additional part was not needed, and had to be returned. The instructional videos and parts schematics on the web site were very helpful. Read more...
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Drive Motor and Pulley
PartSelect Number PS11699355
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X22217
Fixes these symptoms
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PartSelect Number PS11721527
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X23463
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PartSelect Number PS11759038
Manufacturer Part Number WE03X25634
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PartSelect Number PS9493082
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X20854
Installation Instructions
thomas from lehigh acres, FL
over heating
the repair was so easy to do my uncle was a repair man and he teach me how to fix it. thanks for the fast shipping Read more...
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Motor with Pulley and Switch
PartSelect Number PS266209
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X50
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PartSelect Number PS960008
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X10007
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PartSelect Number PS11736645
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X21154
Blower Motor
PartSelect Number PS960009
Manufacturer Part Number WE17X10008
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Brad from Riverton, UT
No hot air being produced
Once I figured out how to get into the bottom end of the dryer, it went really smooth.
1. Remove 4 screws from the top panel at the rear of the machine. This allows the top section of the dryer to be lifted up.
2. Under the top section is a plastic cover which covers the drum, this does not need to be removed. There are two screws in the top which hold the front panel in place, one at the front left top and one at the front right top. remove these two screws. Keep screws seperated, as there are several different types which need to be removed so remeber which go where.
3. Open the dryer door there are four screws which need to be removed. Once these are removed the front panel can be tipped out and the door switch wiring needs to be unplugged to remove the front panel and set aside.
4. Remove the left nylon guide at the bottom front of machine, it is in the way to remove the blower duct.
5. Remove blower housing cover.
6. Reach behind blower housing and disconnect the thyrmister and temperature limit wiring.
7. Remove the blower wheel by removing center nut. It is removed by turning nut clockwise while bracing the wheel with a screw driver so it won't turn.
8. Remove three screws that are behind the the blower wheel.
9. Remove the two base screws that hold the housing to the bottom of the machine.
10. Now you can remove the plastic duct from the machine.
11. remove two screws at the right side og the blower motor.
12. Disconnect wire harness from motor.
13. Lift up on right side of motor bracket and slide to the right. You can now remove the motor and bracket.
14. Remove two clips that hold the motor to the bracket.
15. Install new motor in bracket and replace clips.
16. You can now install the motor and bracket assembly by reversing the order of these steps.

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