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Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly – Part Number: 987-02516A
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Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly
PartSelect Number PS10037714
Manufacturer Part Number 987-02516A
This OEM Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly includes both the plug and the spring. It is a black, plastic assembly which is rated as "Easy" to install, requiring a screwdriver, and socket set. This part seals the discharge chute to prevent the grass clippings from coming out. If broken or damaged from fatigue, it will not be able to contain the grass clippings and should be replaced. This part attaches onto the deck of the mower. Refer to your make, model and diagrams to ensure this model is correct.
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No Symptoms for this part
Discharge Chute – Part Number: 731-07131
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Discharge Chute
6 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9454662
Manufacturer Part Number 731-07131
The Side Discharge Chute is a manufacturer certified black plastic part used to direct glass clippings out from unde the deck of the mower, which is rated as "Easy" to install. If broken or damaged, it must be replaced. Refer to your make, model, and diagram to ensure this is the right part for you.
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Bow Tie Cotter Pin – Part Number: 714-04040
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Bow Tie Cotter Pin
PartSelect Number PS9096195
Manufacturer Part Number 714-04040
Sourced directly from the manufacturer, this replacement part is designed to secure otherwise loose parts in place, allowing the machine to operate properly. This Bow Tie Cotter Pin is not part of a kit or assembly and is sold individually. It is silver, made of metal, and is used in a variety of models for various purposes. This part needs to be replaced when it is broken or damaged, or the threads have become stripped. Depending on their location, this part is known to wear with regular use. You will need a wrench or socket set to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
Front Lawn Mower Drive Wheel – Part Number: 734-04018C
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Front Lawn Mower Drive Wheel
9 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9455101
Manufacturer Part Number 734-04018C
This is a genuine OEM replacement part, it is sold individually. This is the front wheel on the models shown below. There are two of them on each mower. The wheel has a ring gear on the inside which is driven by the Right hand and Left hand smaller gear that attaches to the front axle on the transmission assembly.
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Installation Instructions
MICHAEL from Kennewick, WA says,

The treads on the front drive wheels were worn down to the point that they provided little traction.
Removed a single nut on each end of the drive shaft with the appropriate socket. Wheels then slipped off. Cleaned/polished the shaft with fine sandpaper, lubed with silicone spray, slid on the more

Shear Pin, .25 – Part Number: 738-04124A
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Shear Pin, .25
PartSelect Number PS9110822
Manufacturer Part Number 738-04124A
This individually sold shear pin is an OEM replacement that is most typically used in snowblowers but can also be used within snowblower attachments for lawn tractors. Its main uses are connecting the auger and auger shaft, which are the rotating blades, and to protect more valuable components such as the transmission.If the snow is causing excessive force or there is a jam within the auger and connected housing,it will cause the shear pin to snap, effectively stopping the rotation of the auger, while the auger shaft and gears will continue turning. If the shear pin snaps, snow will simply build up on the outside of the auger housing, since the auger will no longer spin. This shear pin has a .25-inch diameter, and 1.5-inch length and is sold individually. Most augers have a pin on each side, so you may need to purchase more than one, and it is also recommended that you carry spare pins in case of a future breakage.
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No Symptoms for this part
Mulching Blade – Part Number: 942-0741A
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Mulching Blade
PartSelect Number PS9169783
Manufacturer Part Number 942-0741A
This is an authentic replacement part manufactured for use with Craftsman walk-behind lawnmowers. The blade is angled to allow the clippings to rotate through the cutting deck to produce fine clippings for side discharge and mulching. Lawnmower blades wear out over time and can cause the grass blades to tear making frayed endings that can diminish the look of the lawn. A new mower blade will allow for a cleaner cut keeping the lawn looking good. This blade is sold as an individual replacement part. 21&#34
Fixes these symptoms
Mower blade does not cut

Key – Part Number: 925-1745A
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2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9310468
Manufacturer Part Number 925-1745A
This manufacturer-certified Ignition Key comes in black/silver and is used in the ignition slot to turn on the engine. If your key becomes damaged or lost (which these small keys easily are), this part will be an exact replacement. It is made of metal and is sold individually.
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No Symptoms for this part
Nut, Flange Lock, 5/16-18, Grf – Part Number: 712-04063
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Nut, Flange Lock, 5/16-18, Grf
PartSelect Number PS9092936
Manufacturer Part Number 712-04063
This nut is a manufacturer-approved replacement part for various lawn and garden equipment. It is sold individually, not as part of a kit or assembly. Also referred to as a Lock Nut, it is resistant to loosening when threaded on a bolt. It has a variety of applications and is used in multiple locations on most models. Please refer to your owners manual to determine the exact location. While made of durable metal, the ends can round off from improper use of a wrench or socket. Depending on the location, this part may also become worn through regular use of your machine. It should be replaced when visibly cracked, worn or damaged. To complete this repair, you will need a wrench or socket, and a torque wrench. Ensure you torque the bolt according to the manufacturer recommendations. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
V-Belt – Part Number: 954-04050A
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PartSelect Number PS11813754
Manufacturer Part Number 954-04050A
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No Symptoms for this part
Nut, Flange Lock, 3/8-16, Grf – Part Number: 712-04065
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Nut, Flange Lock, 3/8-16, Grf
PartSelect Number PS9095080
Manufacturer Part Number 712-04065
Designed for use in various models of lawn and garden equipment, this part is not sold as part of a kit or assembly. It is made of metal, is gold in color, and is sold individually. This part may also be called a Flange Lock. This nut is designed to lock in place, preventing vibrations and other parts coming loose. This nut may be located in multiple locations on your machine, refer to your owners manual to determine if this is the correct part. You will need a wrench or socket set and a torque wrench to complete this repair. You should only torque the nut to the manufacturer recommendation, no tighter. You will need to replace this part when it is worn or damaged. While this part can wear through regular use, it is most commonly damaged through improper use of a wrench or socket. Customers describe this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Carl from DECATUR, TX says,

Seized bearing and spacer on bolt shaft for idler pulley
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the spacer on the Internet, so I ended up going to the hardware store and buying multiple sizes of spacers and bearings to complete the install. I ended up using a steel more

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