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Popular Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Parts

Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly – Part Number: 987-02516A
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Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly
PartSelect Number PS10037714
Manufacturer Part Number 987-02516A
This OEM Hinged Mulch Plug Assembly includes both the plug and the spring. It is a black, plastic assembly which is rated as "Easy" to install, requiring a screwdriver, and socket set. This part seals the discharge chute to prevent the grass clippings from coming out. If broken or damaged from fatigue, it will not be able to contain the grass clippings and should be replaced. This part attaches onto the deck of the mower. Refer to your make, model and diagrams to ensure this model is correct.
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Discharge Chute – Part Number: 731-07131
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Discharge Chute
PartSelect Number PS9454662
Manufacturer Part Number 731-07131
The Side Discharge Chute is a manufacturer certified black plastic part used to direct glass clippings out from unde the deck of the mower, which is rated as "Easy" to install. If broken or damaged, it must be replaced. Refer to your make, model, and diagram to ensure this is the right part for you.
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Front Lawn Mower Drive Wheel – Part Number: 734-04018C
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Front Lawn Mower Drive Wheel
PartSelect Number PS9455101
Manufacturer Part Number 734-04018C
This is a genuine OEM replacement part, it is sold individually. This is the front wheel on the models shown below. There are two of them on each mower. The wheel has a ring gear on the inside which is driven by the Right hand and Left hand smaller gear that attaches to the front axle on the transmission assembly.
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Installation Instructions
MICHAEL from Kennewick, WA says,

The treads on the front drive wheels were worn down to the point that they provided little traction.
Removed a single nut on each end of the drive shaft with the appropriate socket. Wheels then slipped off. Cleaned/polished the shaft with fine sandpaper, lubed with silicone spray, slid on the more

Mulching Blade – Part Number: 942-0741A
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Mulching Blade
PartSelect Number PS9169783
Manufacturer Part Number 942-0741A
This is an authentic replacement part manufactured for use with Craftsman walk-behind lawnmowers. The blade is angled to allow the clippings to rotate through the cutting deck to produce fine clippings for side discharge and mulching. Lawnmower blades wear out over time and can cause the grass blades to tear making frayed endings that can diminish the look of the lawn. A new mower blade will allow for a cleaner cut keeping the lawn looking good. This blade is sold as an individual replacement part. 21&#34
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Mower blade does not cut

Wing Knob Bolt – Part Number: 720-05066A
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Wing Knob Bolt
PartSelect Number PS11839002
Manufacturer Part Number 720-05066A
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No Symptoms for this part
Pin-Hinge – Part Number: 747-0710A
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PartSelect Number PS9455906
Manufacturer Part Number 747-0710A
This hinge pin is an OEM part that is designed to hold the chute to the bracket of your lawn mower, allowing the shute to move upward and downward. It is silver, made of metal, and it is around 5 inches in length. Over time, the hinge pin may break, and it will no longer be able to support the chute or allow it to move. If this occurs, you will need a pair of needle nose pliers to complete this simple repair, which most of our customers told us was easy. Look for the hinge pin on the chute door and the mounting bracket of your mower deck.
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Lawn Mower Wheel – Part Number: 753-08091
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Lawn Mower Wheel
PartSelect Number PS10009800
Manufacturer Part Number 753-08091
8 x 2.125 This wheel is for lawn mowers. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
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No Symptoms for this part
Frm, Gbag – Part Number: 647-04271-0637
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Frm, Gbag
PartSelect Number PS9988560
Manufacturer Part Number 647-04271-0637
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No Symptoms for this part
Handle Knob – Part Number: 720-0279
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Handle Knob
PartSelect Number PS10004025
Manufacturer Part Number 720-0279
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No Symptoms for this part
Lawn Mower Zone Control Cable – Part Number: 946-1130
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Lawn Mower Zone Control Cable
PartSelect Number PS9180334
Manufacturer Part Number 946-1130
This zone control cable is for lawn mowers. Zone control cable stops the engine when you let go of the handle. Wear work gloves to protect your hands during this repair.
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No Symptoms for this part

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