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Popular Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Parts

Carburetor Gasket – Part Number: 951-14424
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Carburetor Gasket
PartSelect Number PS11813644
Manufacturer Part Number 951-14424
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No Symptoms for this part
Ignition Coil – Part Number: 925-06488
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Ignition Coil
PartSelect Number PS16454166
Manufacturer Part Number 925-06488
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No Symptoms for this part
Cylinder Head Gasket – Part Number: 951-14431
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Cylinder Head Gasket
PartSelect Number PS11813651
Manufacturer Part Number 951-14431
This authentic OEM cylinder head gasket in your lawn equipment seals the gap between the engine block and the cylinder head, preventing leaks of combustion gases. Common signs that the gasket is damaged include engine overheating, white smoke or steam coming from the exhaust, or a noticeable decrease in engine performance. If a cylinder head gasket is left unreplaced when it is broken, the combustion gases can escape, causing overheating, warping of the cylinder head or engine block, and potential engine failure. Ignoring a faulty cylinder head gasket can eventually lead to costly repairs or the need to replace the entire engine. Consult your user manual to locate and access the cylinder head for replacement. Remove the old gasket carefully using a scraper, taking care not to damage the mating surfaces. Note that this replacement part is sold individually.
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Valve, Roller Over – Part Number: 951-14075A
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Valve, Roller Over
PartSelect Number PS11813571
Manufacturer Part Number 951-14075A
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No Symptoms for this part
Oil Fill Tube Assembly – Part Number: 951-14441
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Oil Fill Tube Assembly
PartSelect Number PS11813661
Manufacturer Part Number 951-14441
This oil fill tube assembly is supplied by the original manufacturer for use in a variety of lawn and garden equipment. It includes a plastic tube and one dipstick O-ring (dipstick sold separately). The assembly allows the user to easily access and replenish the oil. It is responsible for ensuring that the engine is adequately lubricated for smooth operation and prevention of friction damage. The oil fill tube assembly will need to be replaced if the tube is damaged, or the threaded caps on either end are stripped. A faulty oil fill tube assembly will result in oil leaks, inadequate lubrication, poor engine performance, and eventual engine damage if left unaddressed. Remove the equipment housing to access the engine block. Remove any fasteners and components blocking access to the tube. Gently pull the oil fill tube off the engine and remove the O-ring. Clean the sealing surface and press the new O-ring into place. Position the new tube on the mounting surface and ensure it is secure and stable. Reassemble the equipment in reverse order.
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Installation Instructions
Phil from SAINT CHARLES, MO says,

wheels falling down
lift mower up on angle, sip beer. took the cotter pin out of both sides. Finished beer. try to figure out how they go on, opened another beer. Figured it out, put cotter pin back on lowered the more

Split Hex Flange Bearing – Part Number: 741-04136B
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Split Hex Flange Bearing
PartSelect Number PS9455600
Manufacturer Part Number 741-04136B
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No Symptoms for this part
Air Cleaner Housing Assembly – Part Number: 951-14439
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Air Cleaner Housing Assembly
PartSelect Number PS11813659
Manufacturer Part Number 951-14439
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No Symptoms for this part
On - Off Switch – Part Number: 953-08223
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw On - Off Switch
PartSelect Number PS12693739
Manufacturer Part Number 953-08223
This on/off switch is an original manufacturer replacement part for chainsaws found on the handle or near the rear of the equipment. It allows the user to start and stop the engine as needed. The switch can wear down over time or experience electrical failure. When the switch fails, the chainsaw may not start or may not shut off when desired, potentially posing safety hazards. Before beginning the repair, ensure that the chainsaw is switched off. Remove the fasteners that secure the switch in place. Disconnect the wire connectors and pull the switch off the equipment. Position the new switch on the mounting surface and reattach the wire connectors. Secure the switch in place with the wiring fasteners and switch the chainsaw on to test that the switch is functioning appropriately.
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No Symptoms for this part
Fuel Tank – Part Number: 931-04629
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Fuel Tank
PartSelect Number PS11813327
Manufacturer Part Number 931-04629
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No Symptoms for this part
Carburetor – Part Number: 753-06288
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Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Carburetor
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS10009632
Manufacturer Part Number 753-06288
This carburetor is supplied by the original manufacturer as a replacement part for gas trimmers. It is made up of a metal body and plastic choke lever. The carburetor is responsible for mixing air and fuel for combustion within the engine. Over time, it can fail due to various reasons such as blockage in the fuel connections, clogged jets, damaged float, a worn-out needle valve, or a faulty gasket. A faulty carburetor will result in poor idling, difficulty starting, loss of power, stalling, and misfires. Before beginning any repairs on the carburetor, drain the fuel from the fuel tank and disconnect the fuel lines. Remove the air filter assembly and disconnect all other attachments that secure the carburetor to the engine. Remove the mounting fasteners that hold the carburetor and carefully pull it off the engine. Inspect the carburetor gasket and replace it as well if it is no longer providing an adequate seal. Place the new carburetor in position and reinstall the mounting fasteners to keep it in place. Reassemble the equipment in reverse order to complete the repair.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Sal from CONROE, TX says,

Carburetor and Fuel Tank needed replacement
Removed and replaced both.

Y'all need to include the gasket with the replacement Carburetor before sending out to more

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