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Bell. Wash. .340 I.D. x .872 O.D. – Part Number: 736-0242
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Bell. Wash. .340 I.D. x .872 O.D.
PartSelect Number PS10006541
Manufacturer Part Number 736-0242
Sourced directly from the original manufacturer, this Bell Washer is made of gold-colored metal and is sold individually, not as part of a kit or assembly. It is used to provide spacing between various part assemblies along a shaft. If you hear a strange noise coming from the shaft area, or you notice the Washer is visibly worn or damaged, it will need to be replaced. Refer to your owners manual to determine the exact location of this part. Customers rate the difficulty of this repair as Medium.
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Lawn Mower Ground Drive Belt – Part Number: 954-04032B
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Lawn Mower Ground Drive Belt
PartSelect Number PS9172714
Manufacturer Part Number 954-04032B
3/8 x 36-1/8-inch This ground drive belt (part number 954-04032B) is for lawn mowers. Ground drive belt 954-04032B drives the transmission, which propels the lawn mower wheels. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
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Washer-Lock 5/16 – Part Number: 936-0119
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Washer-Lock 5/16
PartSelect Number PS9311087
Manufacturer Part Number 936-0119
This Washer-Lock 5/16 is a silver, metal part that is sold individually and comes direct from the manufacturer. With a 5/16 Inch Interior Diameter and 1/2 Inch Outside Diameter, it is used to prevent the nut from backing off and becoming loose on the pulley shaft, and is attached to the drive belt pulley assembly. You will know if you need this because your owners manual will specify it, or the model number of your machine will correspond with this part. If the part is broken due to fatigue, the shafts will free spin when they should be locked together, and must be replaced.
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Hex L-Nut 5/16-18 Thd. – Part Number: 912-0158
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Hex L-Nut 5/16-18 Thd.
PartSelect Number PS9164517
Manufacturer Part Number 912-0158
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Bearing .62&#34 I.D. x 1.38&#34 O.D. x .437&#34 Thk. – Part Number: 941-0155
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Bearing .62" I.D. x 1.38" O.D. x .437" Thk.
PartSelect Number PS9167498
Manufacturer Part Number 941-0155
This authentic OEM bearing measures 0.62 inches inside diameter, and 1.38 inches outside diameter, and is 0.436 inches thick. Silver and balck in color and sold individually, the bearing is comprised of steel and rubber. This bearing allows the input shaft to rotate freely inside the gear box, and over time can become worn or damaged. You will know your bearing is damaged if it is making a growling, grinding, or squealing sound. This is an easy repair, and requires a bearing puller tool to carry out. Locate the bearing inside the gear box on each end of the input shaft, ensuring you have confirmed this is the part you need by verifying your model number or using your owners manual.
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No Symptoms for this part
Edger Blade – Part Number: 781-0080-0637
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Edger Blade
PartSelect Number PS9129938
Manufacturer Part Number 781-0080-0637
This Edger Blade is a black, metal blade which is sold individually and comes certified from the manufacturer. Installation is rated as "Easy" and requires a socket set and wrench set. This blade attaches to the drive shaft and is used for edging the grass around driveways and walkways. If this part becomes worn/fatigued/damaged (which may happen after hitting the pavement) you will notice an odd vibration and poor trimming, at which time the part should be replaced.
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No Symptoms for this part
Star Knob 5/16-18 – Part Number: 720-04072A
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Star Knob 5/16-18
PartSelect Number PS9109078
Manufacturer Part Number 720-04072A
This Star Knob, which may also be simply referred to as a Knob, is sourced directly from the manufacturer for use in lawn mowers and snow blowers. This part provides a quick-release for handles to fold down, and connect upper and lower handles. It is made of metal, is black, is not part of a kit or assembly, and is sold individually. This part will need to be replaced if it has become cracked, worn, or damaged. The most common cause for this part needing to be replaced is worn or stripped threads no longer being able to grip. You will need a wrench or socket set and a torque wrench to complete this repair. It should be torqued to the manufacturer's recommendation. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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No Symptoms for this part
Chute Flange Keeper – Part Number: 731-0851A
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Chute Flange Keeper
PartSelect Number PS10005747
Manufacturer Part Number 731-0851A
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No Symptoms for this part
Primer – Part Number: P005003120
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PartSelect Number PS11826485
Manufacturer Part Number P005003120
This Primer Bulb is a clear, plastic, individually sold part with an Outer Diameter of 0.720 inches (18.30 mm) and a Height of 0.674 inches (17.12 mm). With Flange: 0.842" (21.40 mm). This part is rated as Easy to install by customers, and attaches to the primer pump assembly. If the part shows signs of breakage, such as cracks appearing due to the bulb drying out, or fatigue, then it must be replaced. Refer to your owners manual/model number to ensure you are choosing the correct part.
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No Symptoms for this part
Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x .75 – Part Number: 710-0451
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Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x .75
PartSelect Number PS10001568
Manufacturer Part Number 710-0451
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