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Kawasaki Edger Tank-Comp-Fuel
PartSelect Number PS9002918
Manufacturer Part Number 51001-2315
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Kawasaki Edger Tank-Comp-Fuel
PartSelect Number PS8997434
Manufacturer Part Number 51001-2319
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Kawasaki Edger Element-Air Filter
PartSelect Number PS9880815
Manufacturer Part Number 11013-2245
This air filter is designed for use with various makes and models of small engine lawn equipment and is an individual part. Designed to prevent unwanted dust and debris from entering the carburetor and engine, this air filter can be replaced by simply removing the filter cover and swapping the old for the new. If your equipment has poor performance, it is recommended you swap the air filter as a clogged filter can lead to decreased air in the engine, resulting in a loss of power. When replacing, be sure to read the manual for your model for exact placement and rub a small amount of oil into the filter before installing it.
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Kawasaki Edger Starter-Recoil
PartSelect Number PS9281038
Manufacturer Part Number 49088-2560
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Kawasaki Edger Diaphragm
PartSelect Number PS8974506
Manufacturer Part Number 43028-2054
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Kawasaki Edger Gasket
PartSelect Number PS8842237
Manufacturer Part Number 11060-2111

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