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Air Cleaner Element – Part Number: A100631
Air Cleaner Element
PartSelect #: PS10039827
Manufacturer #: A100631
This foam air cleaner element helps to keep dirt and debris out of the engine in your lawn equipment. It is sometimes called an air filter element, cartridge, or insert. You can find it near the engin...
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Edger Belt – Part Number: A100493
Edger Belt
PartSelect #: PS10039670
Manufacturer #: A100493
This is a genuine OEM replacement part specifically designed for lawn edgers. The belt, made of rubber, has a length of 56 inches and a width of 1/2 inch. Note that your previous belt may appear longe...
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Spark Plug (Champion RCJ4) – Part Number: 870170001
Spark Plug (Champion RCJ4)
PartSelect #: PS10018285
Manufacturer #: 870170001
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Bolt – Part Number: A100628
PartSelect #: PS10039824
Manufacturer #: A100628
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Air Cleaner Housing – Part Number: A100630
Air Cleaner Housing
PartSelect #: PS10039826
Manufacturer #: A100630
This housing is what directly connects the rest of the air filter housing to the equipment. This genuine OEM part is made of high-quality plastic and is compatible with several different models of edg...
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Hose, Fuel – Part Number: A100625
Hose, Fuel
PartSelect #: PS10039821
Manufacturer #: A100625
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Fuel Tank – Part Number: A202711
Fuel Tank
PartSelect #: PS12123695
Manufacturer #: A202711
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Fuel Tank Cap – Part Number: A100622
Fuel Tank Cap
PartSelect #: PS10039819
Manufacturer #: A100622
  No Longer Available
Air Cleaner Gasket – Part Number: A100627
Air Cleaner Gasket
PartSelect #: PS10039823
Manufacturer #: A100627
This OEM-approved air cleaner gasket creates a seal between the air cleaner housing and the carburetor in your lawn and garden equipment. It makes sure that only clean air enters the engine for combus...
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Clamp, Fuel Line – Part Number: A100624
Clamp, Fuel Line
PartSelect #: PS10039820
Manufacturer #: A100624
This fuel line clamp is sourced from the original manufacturer for use in edgers. It is a metal clamping device with a diameter of approximately 1/3 of an inch, placed around the fuel line to keep it ...
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Bolt – Part Number: A100607
PartSelect #: PS10039804
Manufacturer #: A100607
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Sustain Board – Part Number: A100629
Sustain Board
PartSelect #: PS10039825
Manufacturer #: A100629
This sustain board is used to keep the filter in the correct position within the air filter housing for a variety of different edgers. Made of plastic and sold as an individual part, this sustain boar...
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edger will not run longer than 1 minute
I replaced the carburetor, air filter, cleaned out the gas tan and replaced the fuel line and filter. As a last resort I replaced the gas cap and gas still will not flow from the gas tank to the carburetor. I have worked on engines of all sizes over the years and this one has me the way I am 71 years old:) If anyone has an idea please le me know.
Parts Used:
Air Cleaner Element Air Cleaner Gasket Fuel Tank Cap
  • Manuel from SELMA, NC
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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