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Access Cover
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS1483833
Manufacturer Part Number WR82X10111
Installation Instructions
Joel from Childress, TX
Condensor fan out of service
The only part that I should had used was the condensor fan motor,which it was so easy to remove,and instaled the new one,then replaced the missing parts and problem solved. The technician before me,declare the unit a total loss,there for after doing that, he took the rest of the parts with him for his own benefit. The repair was with no difficulty,and time spend around 20 min. Thanks.PartSelect,your delivery and easy way to place an order is great. Thanks. Joel Read more...
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Motor Housing
PartSelect Number PS11739202
Manufacturer Part Number WP2195914
Installation Instructions
ian from estero, FL
No Ice
Heating element broke and fried the rest of the parts had to take out the bad parts and put in the new ones and it worked. i have fixed this problem three times now. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS3406242
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X12852
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PartSelect Number PS1526582
Manufacturer Part Number 241733901
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PartSelect Number PS1483192
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X12287
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Freezer Floor
PartSelect Number PS292725
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X2630
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PartSelect Number PS2322940
Manufacturer Part Number WR13X10509
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PartSelect Number PS285407
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11035
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PartSelect Number PS289837
Manufacturer Part Number WR12X898
  No Longer Available
Glass Shelf Reflector - Rear
PartSelect Number PS301897
Manufacturer Part Number WR38X10192

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