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Evaporator Fan Mounting Bracket
PartSelect Number PS285178
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10764
This bracket mounts the Evaporator Fan.
Fixes these symptoms
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PartSelect Number PS285073
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10653
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PartSelect Number PS285493
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11124
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PartSelect Number PS963631
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11863
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Refrigerator Light Board Bracket
PartSelect Number PS12299409
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X28661
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PartSelect Number PS284957
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10518
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Bracket - Right Side
PartSelect Number PS284968
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10529
This is the bracket for the right side roller.
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Dispenser Blade Rest
PartSelect Number PS297808
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X4140
Installation Instructions
Paul from Ashton, MD
bucket drive shaft disengaged from motor drive
This is a 25 year old unit. The ice bucket had warped over time causing the face plate to move forward of its ideal position pulling the entire assembly out of the drive. Removed dispensing unit face assembly. Removed drive shaft assembly. Replaced all washers. Reversed old broken drive cup. Married old drive cup to new drive cup...lining up drive slots. Drilled 6 ea. 3mm holes evenly spaced around circumference into the face of the old drive cup. Fastened drive cups together in vice and with C clamp...then using phillips head screws installed 3 ea. from opposing entry points on each side of this homemade shaft extender. This "mechanism" increased the effective length of the dispensing shaft assembly allowing for a proper fit of the drive shaft to the motor drive connection. Unit now works perfectly. Total cost @ $40.00 and two hours work which would have taken less than one hour if I had remembered to install the ice bucket seal the first time. New ice bucket would have cost @ $185.00. Home warranty does not cover ice makers or any of the associated parts. isn't that difficult. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11739921
Manufacturer Part Number WP2256087
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PartSelect Number PS963423
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11622

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