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General Electric Refrigerator COVER LED Assembly
11 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS4704284
Manufacturer Part Number WR55X11132
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
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General Electric Refrigerator FILTER DOOR Assembly DGY
3 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS8757955
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X13742
Installation Instructions
Benda from DENTON, TX
Refrigerator began to make a very loud noise which lasted up to 3 minutes long. This sound repeated once a day every 4 to 6 days
GE sent a technician to our home. He listened to the video I had made of the loud noise the fridge was making and he knew what I needed without even looking at the appliance. The parts would take 60 to 90 days due to distribution chain issues. He gave me the part numbers and I paid him $140.00 for his service fee.
I found the parts myself that I needed on which arrived with 2 weeks. I watched a YouTube video on how to install the parts. The hardest part was emptying my entire refrigerator of perishables so I could easily get to the malfunctioning fan motor and the motor’s boot. I used a heat gun to dislodge ice clinging to the parts I needed to remove to reach the fan motor. It worked well. Once I was able to detach the old fan motor & its boot, I easily slid the new one into its place. I then reattached everything I had disassembled. It works beautifully without disruptive noise.
The water filter cartridge door also easily snapped into place, replacing one with a broke latch.
I love the saying,
“What one man can, another man can do.”(Except I’m a girl - my husband was amused).
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General Electric Refrigerator Dispenser Housing Shield
7 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS292255
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X11170
This part helps to contain parts for the ice and water dispenser. The overlay and dispenser board is attached on the front of the housing shield.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker won’t dispense ice
  • Leaking
  • Not dispensing water
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Trying to defrost the water line in the refrigerator door I melted (deformed) the plastic parts.
I carefully removed the trim from around the dispenser area then freed the catches in the top of the electronic card. I leaned the card forward and disconnected the electrical connections, then removed the card. I removed the four screws holding the shield to the door and removed the shield. Then I removed the funnel from the shield and removed the spring from the old funnel and placed it on the new one. I removed the light and socket from the old shield and installed the in the new one, then installed the new funnel on the new shield, used the four screws to install the assembly on the door and replaced the trim piece. Read more...
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General Electric Refrigerator PLUG DOOR RVSBL (LIGHTER Gray)
PartSelect Number PS11701223
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X21242
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General Electric Refrigerator MAT MODULE
PartSelect Number PS8758393
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X13250
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General Electric Refrigerator Shunt Sensor
PartSelect Number PS285088
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10668
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Gene from The Woodlands, TX
not cooling, water in refrigerator
For several years, had problem with water accumulating in the bottom of the refrigerator...took out the "custom cool" drawer and assigned my kids the responsibility to dry it out daily after supper (about a fourth of cup of water daily)...the water was condensing and dripping down the left side of the refrigerator... NOT coming from the refregerator evaporator drip pan area. Then the refrigerator and freeezer had erratic cooling...paid 4 grand for this GE stainless steel on the front/sides frig about 5 years ago... then my wife said she wanted a new refrigerator...what the heck...went on to numerous websites and finally decided to do my own "overall"...had nothing to lose except the price of the parts. A helpful web site is the GE technician site I ordered the four thermisters, a new freezer defroster (the old one was probably OK...the freezer coils were not "iced Up"), and a new defroster thermonmeter. While I was at it, I ordered a new refrigerator evaporator drip pan that was rusting a bit. As per other instructions in this website, just spliced in the new thermisters,used wire twist caps and eletrical tape to seal them. The GE site is a bit more elaborate on the "correct" way to do this. The refrigerator evaporator coil is a bit tricky...see the above ge site...but I just cut the rubber thermister holder down the middle and then tracked the thermister through the holder and stuck it in the block and taped the holder back together...(removed the block first ) and then zip-lined the block back to the coil like it was originally. It was about 3 hours to do everything...and guess what...temp in the freezer is -5...temp in the frig is 36...and NO MORE WATER IN THE BOTTOM OF THE REFRIGERATOR, NO MORE WATER DRIPPING DOWN THE LEFT SIDE OF THE REFRIGERATOR...what will my kids do...I feel like the refrigerator guru now. Wish I had done this several years ago. The parts I ordered came in 3 days. I'm lovin my refrigerator now and my wife is lovin me. It's really easier than I thought it would be...the GE tech website has some "diagnostic" info to isolate different problems... but I just decided to replace "everything" since the parts were not that expensive and it was going to be a "do or die" on getting a new refrigerator. Read more...
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General Electric Refrigerator COVER ACCESS
PartSelect Number PS1155408
Manufacturer Part Number WR82X10108
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General Electric Refrigerator Dust Cap
PartSelect Number PS284777
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10322
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Darren from Renton, WA
Loud high pitch whining noise behind freezer
Ref. still worked but had this loud high pitch whining noise coming from inside freezer for a few months. It's probably a bad bearing or motor.

1) Remove all shelves and ice dispencer
2) Remove (x2 screws / a green wire that's clipped on) and the evap cover
3) Remove (x3 screws) cover motor/solenoid and unplug harness
3) Remove (x2 screws) icemaker and unplug harness
4) Remove/Loosen (x2 screws bottom / x2 screws top) Duct air freezer
5) Remove (x2 screws) Orifice evap fan and unplug harness
note: will need to remove right screw to get green ground wire off. And be careful on to damage the gasket.
6) Once Orifice out of refrig, disassemble.
7) Main thing to replace is the Motor DC Evap fan, and maybe CapDust, BumperLid, GrommetEvpFan.
8) now just go in reverse order...
That's it . . . wasn't too hard and NO MORE whining!!! Save at least a couple of hundred by not having a prof. come out and do it. Easy enough for most DIY person.
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General Electric Refrigerator Plug - Hinge Bearing Cover
PartSelect Number PS430364
Manufacturer Part Number 240381301
  No Longer Available
General Electric Refrigerator FILTER DOOR Assembly GY
PartSelect Number PS6447737
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X13639

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