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Refrigerator Air Duct Insulation
PartSelect Number PS8688247
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X20092
The air duct insulation fits between the air duct and air duct cover, and prevents warmer air from entering the air duct.
Fixes these symptoms
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Air Duct Foam
PartSelect Number PS285117
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10701
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Joseph from Vonore, TN
compressor motor running constantly and not cooling
Removed freezer bottom and back plates-encountered ice -melted with heat gun.Observed fan not running with fridge plugged in and considerable erosion of the styrofoam part.ordered fan motor and blade and styrofoam ducting and replaced same.Fan started running immediately when plugged in and now the compressor cycles normally and the refrigerator compartment is much cooler and icing has stopped. I'm good to go until the compressor fails! thanks for the excellent delivery service(2 days)and your parts diagrams really helped me trouble shoot the problem. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS1022364
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X11891
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PartSelect Number PS963568
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11791
Installation Instructions
bernard from Katonah, NY
Lower part of refrigerator warm
Pulled refrigerator plug from socket.
Removed all freezer items. Put them into sink to keep cool.
Phillips head screwdriver removed screws from plastic housing fan cover from rear of freezer compartment.
Removed fan housing panel by lifting up and out. Panel has two small tabs that fit into back panel.
Removed back panel with phillips head screwdriver.
Fan is now exposed. Not working.
Plugged power cord back in.
Disconnected power adapter to fan.
Voltage meter sees power to ground and hot wire.
Fan not working
Unplugged power cord.
Removed fan from rear by socket tool.
Used hair dryer to remove ice build up in styrofoam insert between freezer compartment and lower section.
Removed foam insert....broke a couple of pieces off.
Test new motor with a line cord wire stripped at ends
Motor works. (Old one did not work with same test)
Replaced fan into bracket.
Replaced bracket into rear of freezer.
Plugged power cord in.
Fan does not work.....Whoa!!!..closed freezer door and heard fan running!!! It works.
Replaced everything...foam insert, panels, food.
One week later, still working.....
(Now...I don't know why the fan did not start right may be that there's a small round thermostat sitting on a copper tubing, that needed some time to kick in...but that's a supposition.)
Have fun
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PartSelect Number PS963570
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11793
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PartSelect Number PS2354416
Manufacturer Part Number WR09X10174
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PartSelect Number PS292118
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X10979
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DUCT DOOR Assembly
PartSelect Number PS964498
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X11876
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PartSelect Number PS2066919
Manufacturer Part Number 67002777
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PartSelect Number PS285504
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11137

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