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Temperature Switch
PartSelect Number PS1146951
Manufacturer Part Number 134407700
Front Load Washer Door Lock and Switch Assembly
PartSelect Number PS12364048
Manufacturer Part Number 131763256
This door lock and switch assembly is manufactured to lock the door on your front load washer to prevent it from opening while it is running. You may need to replace the door lock and switch if the door does not open or lock. Your washer will not start if the door does not lock. This part is also known as a washing machine door lock assembly. As per the manufacturer, some models require a new wire harness and a door strike for this door lock assembly to work on the appliance. The original style lock would require the door lock kit.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Leaking
  • Lid or door will not open
  • Lid or door won’t close
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Door on washer wouldn't lock or start
1. Unplug unit.
2. Unscrew 2 nuts holding top in place in rear of unit using phillips head screwdriver.
3.Slide top back and remove.
4. Open door of washer and unscrew 2 screws holding in door lock unit.
5.Pull out unit from the top and install new unit reconnecting the 3 wire connections.
PartSelect Number PS2330879
Manufacturer Part Number 134813600
This switch is for a dryer door without a drum light.
Door Switch
PartSelect Number PS2367765
Manufacturer Part Number 134813660
Fixes these symptoms
Water Level Pressure Switch
PartSelect Number PS2349296
Manufacturer Part Number 134762010
Lid Lock Switch
PartSelect Number PS2349336
Manufacturer Part Number 134936800
Fixes these symptoms
PartSelect Number PS12176468
Manufacturer Part Number 5304511344
PartSelect Number PS1524431
Manufacturer Part Number 134403500
PartSelect Number PS1524643
Manufacturer Part Number 134769200
PartSelect Number PS1524678
Manufacturer Part Number 134818201

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