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Selector Knob
PartSelect Number PS2330885
Manufacturer Part Number 134844410
This selector knob, also be known as the laundry appliance control knob, is meant for your washer or dryer. This model is sold individually and takes a D-shaped shaft. The purpose of this part is to attach to the shaft of a rotary or starter switch, which is located on the control panel. To install this part, remove your old selector by grabbing it with a firm grip and pulling it straight off. If the metal insert came off with the old part, pull it off as well, making sure the new knob will have enough room to snap in its place. No tools are required to make this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Timer will not advance
  • Touchpad does not respond
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
charles from new holland, OH
Dryer squealed like a pig and at times the drum stopped rotating
First thought the problem was a stretched drum belt or bad idler pulley. Ordered a new belt and idler assy plus spring. Replaced those items with relative ease following suggestions obtained at this site.However, problem persisted and I now suspected a bad drum bearing. Odered the bearing kit and replaced same using the following procedure.
1. Removed the cover from the back of the dryer (held in place via two phillip head screws)
2. Pushed down on the idler assy and removed the idler spring to release the drum belt.
3. Inserted flat tip screwdriver between the top panel and the dryer main body in the front of the dryer to pry the top loose from the two retaining clips.
4. used phillips screwdriver to remove the two retaining screws (one left, one right) that hold the front panel to the main body of the dryer. (about a foot down from the top of the dryer).
5. disconnected the wiring plug on the top right hand side at the top of the dryer.
6. lifted the front panel slightly removing it from the main body and placed it to the side.
7. lifted the rear of the drum to release it from the bearing bracket and removed the drum belt.
8. Pulled the drum through the front of the dryer body and moved it to an open work area.
9. Reached into the Dryer and loosened the two
bearing bracket screws with a nut driver. Here's where another pair of hands would have come in handy. Holding the ground bar on the back of the drum with on hand, reached into the dryer and finished removing the bracket screws somehow managing not to drop the tiny grounding ball (size of a BB) Removed the badly damaged plastic bracket, grounding bar, and grounding ball and set
them aside to be discarded later.
10. Used impact driver with phillips attachment to remove two of the three screws that hold the bearing to the back of the drum (these are on the inside) The third screw's head stripped out and I had a very difficult time removing it. Had it not been for that, the job would have taken less than an hour.
11. I had my wife hold the bearing in place while I started the three retaining screws.
12. My wife also got behing the dryer and held the grounding bar in place while I installed the new bearing bracket . (this kept me from loosing the grounding ball)
I just reversed the rest of the procedures to install the drum belt, drum, front panel, etc.
The dryer works like new now, doesn't squeal.
Also replaced the on/off switch knob (just pulled the old one from the stem and slid the new one on.
Control Knob
PartSelect Number PS418888
Manufacturer Part Number 131858004
Sold individually. This white knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Zackary from Fort Collins, CO
knob broke
pulled old knob off. pushed new knob on.
Timer Knob Assembly
PartSelect Number PS417831
Manufacturer Part Number 131446202
This timer knob assembly is a manufacturer-approved replacement part for your washing machine. This is an easy repair which requires no tools. Simply unscrew the existing knob, which may take some force or wiggling, and screw in the new one.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Kevin from Gilman, IA
Drum noise when spinning,timer knob broke
First of all the timer knob was very easy. My wife changed it in about two minutes. Simply spin the old off and the new on. Replacing the shell with the tub bearing is much more involved. Remove the rear cover, lower front panel and top. Remove belt from motor and then the motor itself. I used my cordless drill with a socket adapter and extensions to reach the screws. Disconnect the wiring and take the motor out of the machine. Disconnect the bellow type hose on bottom and small hose from the soap dispenser on top front shell. Support the drum on two 2 by 4's or 6's. Remove the top pins of the shock absorbers and lean back out of the way. The tub is now hanging on the top springs and is still held in place with the front boot. The boot needs to be seperated fron the washer with a single blade razor. This was the second time I did this repair so my boot came loose easily. With one person lifting the front and one in the rear lift the shell unit to remove the top springs. The bracket that keep the springs in place need to be removed prior to this.
Slide the tub unit out the back of washer. I placed it front down by supporting it on 2 by 4's. Remove the large rear pulley. This was tough as moisture had rusted it together. Apply pressure evenly around the pulley with small bars as you tap the slightly loosen bolt that hold the pulley on. This should work the pulley free. Using my cordless drill I removed all the bolts holding the rear and front tubs together and reassembled following the reverse of this procedure. One problem I now have is that the shaft of the stainless steel tub is worn and I still have noise. Again, this is my second replacement of this bearing each about 4 years apart. I will not do the repair again as price of tub and rear shell are to expensive. I was very satisfied after my first repair and encourage you to try before purchasing new.
Rotary Knob
PartSelect Number PS2330887
Manufacturer Part Number 134844412
This knob will accept a D-shaped shaft. Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
sandra from st. louis, MO
The knob broke that started my dryer. I was totally impressed with the promptness of receiving the part I ordered. I ordered it online on a Friday, and it arrived the very next day. Thanks a million!!
All I needed to do was press the knob in place. Read more...
Timer Knob Assembly
PartSelect Number PS417830
Manufacturer Part Number 131446200
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Jerry from Algonquin, IL
The Pull knob for the washer timer "pulled" off. Needed to replace the knob.
This was super easy. If you can screw and unscrew a nut from a bolt, its that easy.
The Knob assembaly comes as a whole. So once you remove the old knob (unscrew to the Left).

Then replace the new knob assy (screw to the Right) till its a snug fit. As you will see this knob is designed to be a clockwise rotation only - normal operation - sort of a self tightening screw.
Control Rotary Knob
PartSelect Number PS418709
Manufacturer Part Number 131761704
Sold Individually. This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
Installation Instructions
Sally from Acton, AL
Broken Spin Speed Knob
Very simple! Found the part using the diagrams and photographs on this site. When it came, my husband ust pulled the remainder of the broken knob off the little post with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Slid the new knob on. It took longer to find the pliers than to make the repair! Read more...
PartSelect Number PS3418920
Manufacturer Part Number 137286500
Program Knob
PartSelect Number PS1145737
Manufacturer Part Number 134471500
PartSelect Number PS418747
Manufacturer Part Number 131786603
Selector Knob
PartSelect Number PS419265
Manufacturer Part Number 134042700
This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
Installation Instructions
I bought the washer used. The person got rid of it cheap because the kobs were broken. The repair was cheap and easy to do. It was worth it.
One knob just screwed right on. The others just snaped in place. That easy! Read more...

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