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Bellow Kit
PartSelect Number PS1148773
Manufacturer Part Number 134515300
Also known as a Door Boot Seal and is used in front load washers. This part is used to keep the clothes inside the tub during the wash cycle. The folds in the bellow allow the tub to move separately from the door during the spin cycle. NOTE: This part has been redesigned by the manufacturer and is interchangeable with the old design.
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Peggy from New Castle, PA
Old Bellow Ripped
remove top of machine by removing 3 screws along the top edge in the back of your machine and then sliding the top back and up. Then loosen the screws holding on the control panel enough to get to the 2 screws at the top of the door panel. Next remove bottom panel by removing 2 screws along bottom edge then pulling it free from snaps. Then along the outside lip of the bellow, just inside the door, is a wire clip that is easily removed by prying it past rubber lip with a screw driver and lifting it away. Remove the door panel by removing the 2 screws you exposed by loosening the control panel and 2 more along the bottom that were exposed when removing bottom panel. After the door panel is removed and the bellow is completely exposed, you will find that it is held in place by a circular spring which wraps the whole way around the drum opening. Again it can be removed by prying it out away from the groove in which it sits with a screw driver. Now your machine is broken down as far as it needs to be. From here you can follow the directions included in your new bellow kit and put it back together by following these instructions in reverse. Read more...
Tub Seal Assembly
PartSelect Number PS459481
Manufacturer Part Number 5303279394
If you have a leaky washer, then your tub seal may be the culprit. The tub seal assembly may also be known as the washer tub seal, and is a part for your washer. The function of this piece is to make sure water does not lead from between the outer tub and the spin basket from around your basket drive shaft within your washer. To replace your old part with this one you will need a flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, putty knife, 7/16 socket, spanner wrench, and a hammer.
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Rick from Walkerton, IN
The primary problem was that the tub seal assembly was leaking.
1. I began by removing the two screws that hold the front panel in place. I then lifted the top free of the front panel and tilted it back to get it out of the way.

2. Using my fingers, I released the tabs that connect the tub cover to the tub. It took some effort to remove the cap("Mechanism") over the bolt connecting the agitator to the agitator drive block because I didn't want to break the tab. Once removed, I removed the bolt and the agitator. I then removed the two bolts that clamp the Trunnion to the agitator shaft.

3. It took a little more effort to remove the tub because of corrosion, however, by rocking the tub back and forth I was able to work it free and remove it. I then removed the bolts connecting the Trunnion to the tub. It took a hammer to remove the Trunnion from the tub, once again because of corrosion.

4. After removing the tub, the seal assembly was next and it was easy to remove. I cleaned the agitator shaft with steel wool before beginning the reassembly to remove the corrosion. Before installing the new seal, I lubricated the agitator shaft and the inside of the seal with a silicone grease that is normally used for water faucets. The seal installed easily although care was required to insure that the seal did not twist out of place when sliding it down the agitator shaft.

5. The rest of the reassembly went easily. Since my old filter on the bottom of the tub was clogged, I replaced it with a new one. It took a little time to get every tab on the filter aligned properly so that it could be rotated into place, but it went easily. Everything else reassembled with no problems.

6. It took considerable time to figure out how to replace the drive belt idler arm assembly because I could not figure out how to remove the pin that the idler arm pivots on. I finally reviewed the parts list on-line again and determined that there is a small C-clip that holds it together. Once I knew that. I was able to see the clip and remove it. From that point on, it was very easy to remove the old assembly and reinstall the new one. If I had to do it over again, I would have changed the sleeve at the same time that I changed the idler assembly because the assembly still wobbles on the pin more than I would like. However, it works fine so I won't worry about it until other repairs are needed.

The parts that I ordered from Parts Select were exact matches for the parts that I removed. They were in stock and were shipped the next business day. I would rate the repair as very easy.
Bellow with Clamp
PartSelect Number PS900237
Manufacturer Part Number 5303937187
Also known as the door boot seal. This part is used to keep the clothes inside the tub during the wash cycle. The folds in the bellow allow the tub to move separately from the door during the spin cycle.
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Installation Instructions
Durr from Mulino, OR
The rubber boot on our front loading washing mashine was torn and needed replacing to stop the leaking water.
The instructions were good, but putting the spring on was quite difficult. The 3 spacers that came with the boot didn't want to stay in place. Finally I got 2 c clamps, putting a clamp over the spring and rubber spacer, and that did the trick. without the c clamps it would have been extremely difficult to get that spring on. Now it's fixed and no more leaks. Read more...
High Temperature Adhesive
PartSelect Number PS474458
Manufacturer Part Number 5308027429
This high temperature adhesive is used for installing felt and rubber seals on dryers. The tube contains 1 ounce of product. This adhesive is made to withstand extremely hot temperatures. Before applying the adhesive, ensure that the area is completely clean from any debris and is dry. You may wish to use small clamps to hold the material in place while it dries. If the felt has come loose or broken apart, this may cause your dryer to make loud noise, indicating that new felt or rubber needs to be glued into place. Use gloves to apply glue.
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Gerald from Alliance, NE
Burned out heater element
1.Remove 2 screws and the air intake grill on the back of the unit. remove the drive belt. 2. Remove 2 screws on rear of top, slide top back and remove. 3. Remove 2 screws about a foot down on the inside on each side of the front cover. Remove four screws that secure the plastic control panel and the front panel that are right behind the control panel on the top. Disconnect the wiring harnesses, cut the nylon wire tie that is closest to the front cover. 3. lay unit on its back and and remove the two screws on the lower edge of the front panel, take your putty knife and slide it in the gap between the front panel and the dryer cabinet and release the two spring clips on both sides. Then you can lift off the front panel and control panel, set it to the side. 4. Remove the screw and the nylon guide from the center of the top front case crossmember. Remove the three screws on the inside rear of the drum, lift out the drum and set aside. 5. The drum pivot just sits in a nylon socket, pop it toward the top of the machine and lift it out, you may want to clean it good and re-lubricate it on reassembly. Disconnect the wires from the heating element and the heat sensor. 6. Set the cabinet upright and remove the four screws on the back side of the rear of the cabinet but not the two that are right in the center, they hold the pivot fixture and don't need to come out. The heater coil pan is now loose and ready for removal. 7. The seal between the filter housing and the blower housing was torn and this is an important part to have right, any air leak here will do the same thing as a dirty lint filter or plugged dryer exhaust and your new heating element will have a short, hot life. I pulled the old one off, scrapped the old glue off, applied the adhesive like the instructions on the tube say and after a few minutes installed the new seal then set the front panel to the side to let the adhesive dry. 8. The reassembly is just the reverse of the disassembly , use a couple nails or awls to help hold the dryer heater pan in place for screw installation and you might want to gentle squeeze the wire connecters if they feel loose, also check for clogged or kinked exhaust and stress the importance of cleaning the lint filter after EVERY load, it is small and all the air that cools the heating element must go through it, if is isn't maintained your new element won't last long. Have fun! Read more...
PartSelect Number PS447446
Manufacturer Part Number 3206246
Bellow Kit
PartSelect Number PS1156757
Manufacturer Part Number 134728400
Also known as a Boot Seal and is used in front load washers. This part is used to keep the clothes inside the tub during the wash cycle and to prevent water from leaking. The folds in the bellow allow the tub to move separately from the door during the spin cycle.
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Dispenser Inlet Gasket
PartSelect Number PS1145695
Manufacturer Part Number 134371300
Sold individually.
PartSelect Number PS724852
Manufacturer Part Number 134146100
This part is between the front and rear outer tubs.
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Installation Instructions
Timothy from Biglerville, PA
Spider was corroded and broke from being weakened by the corrosion
Removed the entire front cover of the washing machine and dicoonected the springs that support the tub. Left the tub down and disconnected the struts and unhooked all the wiring and pulled complete tub out of machine. Removed all the bolts around the tub shell and split the tub shell. Remover the motor from the sheel to make it lighter to work on, removed the pulley on the drum shaft and pulled the drum out of the shell. Found that the cast alluminum spider was weakened by corrosion and this caused the spider to break. The spider itself should be able to be purchased seperately because the stainless steel drum was okay and could have been reused. The biggets problem I had was getting the tub back in the washing machine and getting it suspended by the springs again. I used a 6 x6 block and a 2 x 6 board to lift the tub up in the air to get the tub springs hooked back up. This took 2 people to accomplished. After the tub was suspended on the springs the rest was easy. Read more...
Transmission to Tub Seal Kit
PartSelect Number PS474640
Manufacturer Part Number 5308950197
This is a transmission to tub seal kit, often referred to as a center tub seal kit, and it is used in washing machines to create a seal between the transmission and the tub. This seal works to prevent leaks from around the basket drive shaft, between the outer tub and the spin basket. We reccomend that you replace the tub seal kit if you are replacing the transmission. The kit includes the instructions you will require for installation. Before you begin the repair on your washer, make sure it is unplugged and the water supply is shut off.
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Installation Instructions
Ron from Williamsburg, MI
Leaking washing machine.
Removing the piece above the tub gasket was very difficult. A lot of hammer and chisel work.
15 year old machine. A lot of calcium build up around the shaft. I used a screw driver as a chisel and a hammer. Carefully removed the metal around the shaft to get to the tub seal.
Once I got to the tub seal it was easy. Remove the old rubber stops. There were a few pieces. Then sealed it back up with the oil that came with the PartSelect Kit and put it back together. Works great now. No more LEAKS! Yippy.
PartSelect Number PS418683
Manufacturer Part Number 131749200
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