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Shock Absorber Kit
PartSelect Number PS3508101
Manufacturer Part Number 5304485917
This shock absorber kit is an authentic OEM part that is sourced directly from the manufacturer. The kit includes two dual-stage shock absorbers, one spare shock mounting pin, and four locking nuts. These shock absorbers keep your front-load washer from shaking vigorously by absorbing and reducing vibrations from the wash and spin cycles of your appliance. This kit comes with two shock absorbers because it is recommended to replace both at the same time, as they wear at the same rate. To access your washer shock absorbers, simply remove the lower access panel after disconnecting the power to the appliance.
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Installation Instructions
Douglas from Medical Lake, WA
Both vibration shock absorbers broken
removed 2 screws and removed top access cover. removed 2 screws and removed front access cover. removed 4 retaining pins (one with nammer and punch because it was stuck) connected lower ends of new shocks with plastic pins, extended each shock to slip fit and connected upper ends to wash tub mounts. Reinstalled panels. I wish I could say that it all went well from there but......when the shocks broke, apparently the hit the motor took was enough to cause an electronic failure of the speed cycle control chip. Now Im waiting for that part. Read more...
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Single Spring with Insulators
PartSelect Number PS735645
Manufacturer Part Number 134144700
This is a single spring with insulator, but you may also know it as a suspension spring. It is a part for your washing machine. If your tub is no longer stable, which would cause shaking, moving, and excess noise, you may need to replace this part. The tools you will need in order to make this repair include a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of locking pliers. You will find the insulator on each end of this piece. We recommend replacing both springs in your appliance at the same time to ensure even wear.
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  • Noisy
  • Pumps but will not spin
  • Shakes and moves
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Eric from Hillsboro, OR
Inner support spring and vibration shock both broke - tub dropped down within the washer
Remove power
Remove water connections
Pull out washer to have sufficient room to access the back and the top.
Removed the top panel (4 screws at top- back)
Removed the back panel (a lot of screws)
Removed small metal retainer strip on top edge over broken spring
Removed broken spring, hung top of new one.
Pulled up tub to as I stretched out the spring to mount spring to tub
From the back, unplug and remove 2 crews holding the electronic motor control unit from lower left

For both shocks:
This was the most "difficult" part - locate the 2 plastic retainer pins holding the shock, locate the tooth (or tab) holding the pin in place and push the tab in (I had to use some leverage - its stiff plastic covered in grease - a spare screwdriver handle helps to push the tab down).

After pins are removed, shock just pulls out (weight of the tub handled by the suspension springs).

Replace with new shocks (1 pack has a pair), replace pins.

Reinstall motor control unit.

Reassemble frame. reattach water supply lines.

I had to plug in the washer, activate a cycle, then unplug/plug in the washer again.

It helps to have a screwdriver attachment for a variable speed drill to handle all of the screws.

All told - about 45 minutes, most of this spent on removing the pins.
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Tension Spring
PartSelect Number PS446551
Manufacturer Part Number 3204425
This tension spring works in conjunction with the idler pulley. The spring is part of your top load washing machine assembly. The most likely reasons for needing to replace the tension spring is if you notice that your washer is not spinning or agitating, the drive belt has come loose, and the idler pulley is no longer secure. To access this part, you will need to remove the front of your washer. The spring is located underneath the bottom of the tub. This is a genuine OEM part that comes right from the manufacturer.
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Installation Instructions
garland from Morganton, NC
Washer wouldn't spin.
The problem with my very old washer was that the tension spring had broken long ago and I had jerry-rigged it in place with a cable tie. It would work, but you had to give the drum a spin by hand when it hit the spin the cycle. This probelm further caused the premature wearing of the drive belt, due to slippage. I ordered both a new spring and a new belt. Upon their arrival, I removed the two screws holding the front panel and lowered it off and out of the way. The old, worn belt was very easy to remove, as there was very little tension on it. Next I attempted to remove the washer that holds the idle arm on. It is in a very awkward spot, and it appears the the washing machine is sort of built around it. I bent it gradually with locking pliers until I could force it off with the blade of a flat screwdriver. Then the idler arm was easy to lower of its axle by twisting the drum a bit and pulling it to one side. I put the new spring into the idler arm, making sure the plastic bushing was in place and replaced the arm. I then repositioned to belt and replaced the front panel. It works great now. Read more...
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Snubber Ring
PartSelect Number PS473378
Manufacturer Part Number 5308002385
The snubber ring on your washing machine mounts at the base, under the support. If you notice that your washing machine is vibrating, shaking, or moving during the wash cycle, you may need to replace the snubber ring. Because the snubber ring is located under the tub of the washing machine, you will need to remove the front panel to access it. To protect your hands when removing the snubber ring, consider using a bent coat hanger or a sturdy wire with a hook to pull the old snubber ring free. Be sure to disconnect the power and water sources for the washing machine before you begin this repair.
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Installation Instructions
Steven from Jacksonville, IL
Worn belt, faulty snubber. Washing machine was 'walking' during spin cycle.
Unplugged machine.
Turned off water supply.

Removed front panel.
Pushed in on belt tensioner, removed old belt, replaced with new belt.

Used pry bar to lift the base assembly high enough off the snubber to remove it. Partially propped it with 2x4 wood scraps.

Used bent clothes hangar to remove old snubber ring, to protect my hands.

Replaced snubber, arrow pointing up.
Carefully lowered base assembly.

Replaced front panel.
Turned water back on, plugged back in, washing machine no longer 'walks'.

Remember to check the washer against a level if you moved the machine.
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Shock Absorber - Rear
PartSelect Number PS11765900
Manufacturer Part Number 137412601
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Shock Absorber - Front
PartSelect Number PS11765901
Manufacturer Part Number 137412701
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Spring,push button
PartSelect Number PS1145669
Manufacturer Part Number 134349400
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PartSelect Number PS2349237
Manufacturer Part Number 134616200
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Shock Absorber Kit
PartSelect Number PS8689636
Manufacturer Part Number 5304491701
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Suspension Spring
PartSelect Number PS3408275
Manufacturer Part Number 134957000
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