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Spring-Held Bellow Clamp
PartSelect Number PS1146211
Manufacturer Part Number 134527100
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Robert from Schenectady, NY
Leak in the big hose connecting the pump to the washer
The top, control panel and front and back of the machine are removed - all by just removing simple sheet-metal screws. NOTE: remove the soap drawer, because there are two longer screws behind the drawer front. When replacing these later, get them just snug because "tight" will crush the supporting plastic. Don't bother to unplug all the wires to the control panel - just tape it to the top of the machine so it doesn't fall. The rubber part to be replaced is held to the machine by three large spring-held bellows clamps. Squeeze the ends with a pair of pliers and slide them off the tubing. When putting the new part on, I found that the cramped space and difficult access made getting two of the spring-held bellows clamps impossible to get back on, so I used automotive-style stainless hose clamps, which screw tight from the side. Be cautious to get them very snug but not super tight because, you can crush the plastic tubing to which you are fastening. Reassembly of the panels on the machine is the reverse. Read more...
PartSelect Number PS417463
Manufacturer Part Number 131302800
This is a replacement screw for your washer or dryer. The screw is approximately half an inch in length and is a Phillips-head screw. It screws in from the outside of the drum, into the vane/baffle. The main reason you would replace this screw is if the old screw is missing or damaged. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Installation Instructions
Edward from Baltimore, MD
Drying too slowly
Removed access plate from back bottom left
Removed belt from motor
Needed to lift up top of dryer
Inserted flathead screwdirver in front under top to push in two metal clips holding top down
Lifted up top of dryer
Removed 2 screws holding on front of dryer
Removed front of dryer
Broke Door Switch removing front of dryer. I should have depressed the metal sides in and pulled switch through hole.
Instead, I tried to remove the leads. This broke the fragile prongs.
Started dryer (with belt removed so drum doesn't spin)
Verified ignightor came on every heating cycle
Gas turned on properly
Gas turned off after 90 seconds
Gas never came back on
Indicitive of bad coils
New coils solved the problem
Replaced door switch and lint trap cover in the process.
Screw-In Plastic Leveling Leg
PartSelect Number PS1152204
Manufacturer Part Number 134548800
This is a screw in leveling leg for your washing machine. It supports the appliance by screwing in place to create a stable and flat surface. Take note that you are able to adjust the height of your appliance to make it leveled. This model is made entirely of plastic and is white in color. It is just under 2.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and the head has a diameter of roughly 1.5 inches.
Installation Instructions
Sandra from Denton, TX
Stopped agitating versus level washer feet/leg
My washing machine stopped agitating and spinning and I couldn't afford a repair I wanted to exhaust any obvious problems first. One of the leveler feet had broken years ago. Since I luckily had determined via reading other posts that the agitator won't work if the cycle safety switch is not functioning right, I thought the safety switch might need to be changed but after careful thought, I decided to order a new levelling leg first because maybe the broken levelling leg was shaking the safety switch so it wasn't connecting right. Once I received the leg overnight, I flipped the washer on its side and had to drill out the old leg. It was a little tricky because of how it broke, but the drill worked. I flipped the washer back up, leveled it with the new foot, and the agitator was miraculously working again...just like new. I didn't need the safety switch. Thanks to for having the details of my washer parts to study up on and get me the right part so quickly. I saved myself alot of money. Read more...
Drive Belt - 6 ribs
PartSelect Number PS419285
Manufacturer Part Number 134051000
This is a drive belt for your washing machine. This part spins the basket in your appliance by connecting the drive motor to the drive system. You will need to replace the drive belt if your pumps are not spinning, your washer is not agitating, or you are noticing excess noise and/or a burning smell. This belt is black with six ribbings. To replace this part, you will need a Phillips screwdriver.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Burning smell
  • Noisy
  • Pumps but will not spin
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Carmen from Foreston, MN
motor burned out, tub quit going around
First I turned off the water and disconnected the hoses. I took off the back panel and unscrewed the 4 bolts holding the motor in place. The grounding screw was impossible to remove, so I had to cut the wire off. Took out motor and disconnected the electrical connector. Put new motor in (ordered new belt, figuring it would need replacing - was still in excellent shape, but replaced it anyway), bolted in the motor (socket set works best on further away bolts, screwdriver for closer ones). Put the belt on the motor first and then pulled it up over the side of the tub and turned the tub to get it around the whole tub - took alittle bit of turning to get it on. Plugged in electrical connector and screwed grounding wire into hole. Replaced back panel and water hoses. Got a bit dirty and sweaty but not too hard to do it yourself, as I am a 48 yr woman and don't usually do this kind of thing. Read more...
PartSelect Number PS417085
Manufacturer Part Number 131168200
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Glenn from Fort Worth, TX
Dryer squealed loudly
First, I removed the top panel which is held on at the front by pressure clips. Second, I removed the entire front panel which entailed removing 2 screws and 2 wire couplings. Third, I removed the 3 screws on the inside center of the drum which turned out to be unnecessary. Fourth, I slid the drum forward in order to access the rear bearing. Lastly, I replaced the entire bearing assembly including the shaft, bracket, bearing, grounding ball and clip. Again, probably not needed but I had ordered the parts in advance in preparation for the worst. Read more...
Single Spring with Insulators
PartSelect Number PS735645
Manufacturer Part Number 134144700
This is a single spring with insulator, but you may also know it as a suspension spring. It is a part for your washing machine. If your tub is no longer stable, which would cause shaking, moving, and excess noise, you may need to replace this part. The tools you will need in order to make this repair include a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of locking pliers. You will find the insulator on each end of this piece. We recommend replacing both springs in your appliance at the same time to ensure even wear.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Noisy
  • Pumps but will not spin
  • Shakes and moves
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Eric from Hillsboro, OR
Inner support spring and vibration shock both broke - tub dropped down within the washer
Remove power
Remove water connections
Pull out washer to have sufficient room to access the back and the top.
Removed the top panel (4 screws at top- back)
Removed the back panel (a lot of screws)
Removed small metal retainer strip on top edge over broken spring
Removed broken spring, hung top of new one.
Pulled up tub to as I stretched out the spring to mount spring to tub
From the back, unplug and remove 2 crews holding the electronic motor control unit from lower left

For both shocks:
This was the most "difficult" part - locate the 2 plastic retainer pins holding the shock, locate the tooth (or tab) holding the pin in place and push the tab in (I had to use some leverage - its stiff plastic covered in grease - a spare screwdriver handle helps to push the tab down).

After pins are removed, shock just pulls out (weight of the tub handled by the suspension springs).

Replace with new shocks (1 pack has a pair), replace pins.

Reinstall motor control unit.

Reassemble frame. reattach water supply lines.

I had to plug in the washer, activate a cycle, then unplug/plug in the washer again.

It helps to have a screwdriver attachment for a variable speed drill to handle all of the screws.

All told - about 45 minutes, most of this spent on removing the pins.
PartSelect Number PS2331296
Manufacturer Part Number 216858001
Sold Individually.
Installation Instructions
Terrence from WESLACO, TX
missing door handle
installed new handle
Door Catch Screw
PartSelect Number PS417465
Manufacturer Part Number 131302901
This is a shoulder screw and is used in conjunction with multiple appliances within your home. This specific model is size 10, and it has 16 threads to an inch. This part is made entirely of metal and is chrome-colored. The shoulder screw measures to be less than an inch long, and has a flat bottom and top. In general screws are typically made of metal, and the purpose of them is to be used as a fastener when attaching one piece/part to another. This model is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Denise from King, NC
Door Latch broke
First removed old piece, then put the new one on but didn't remove the wires until last to be sure they would be placed back right. Thats it, the dishwasher is back in business. Read more...
Single Shock Mounting Pin
PartSelect Number PS417323
Manufacturer Part Number 131268300
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Richard from Quincy, MA
originall shock was broken
disconnected the power and water supply.

removed the back panel.

unscrewed the contol board that blocked access to the bottom of the shock absorber.

pulled the original pins out with pliers while pressing in the piece that prevents it from working its way out.

removed the shock absorber.

placed the new shock absorber in the bottom mount, put soap on the pin for lubrication and pushed it through the hole. Put the top of the shock absorber in its place and placed the other pin in.

replaced the control board and replaced the rear panel.
Washer Screw
PartSelect Number PS3495292
Manufacturer Part Number 137380600
This part is the replacement screw for your washer. The head is approximately inch in diameter and the screw is approximately 3/4 inch in length. It is made of metal and is sold individually. This is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Hinge on door cracked
Replaced the hinge. Took old one off, put new one on.
I did not need to use new screws so I have returned them for a refund. Old ones were just fine.
Customer service was excellent, providing a return label, letter and simple instructions for the refund. Waiting for it to credit on my account.

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