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Switch,Push Button
PartSelect Number PS3529268
Manufacturer Part Number 6600JB1010A
The interior light in your refrigerator is controlled by a switch that is activated when the door is opened and closed. If your refrigerator light will not turn on, or stays on when the door is closed, you could have a faulty switch. The switch is spring-loaded and is a generally closed type of switch meaning there should be no continuity when the button is pushed, and continuity through the switch when it is no longer engaged. This plastic, white, OEM switch is sourced directly from the manufacturer, is sold individually and is easy to replace. The repair usually takes less than 15 minutes and requires a flat-blade screwdriver and needle-nose pliers.
Fixes these symptoms
Light not working

Installation Instructions
Debbie from Waltham, MA says,

Remove and replace light switch
Video makes it look easy. Kenmore refrigerator does not have "groove" along the right hand side of switch that allows for pushing down on release. Used a thin screwdriver to get under to push while more

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Water Filter
PartSelect Number PS3531958
Manufacturer Part Number ADQ36006101
This genuine LG water filter is used in your refrigerator to help reduce contaminants and chlorine taste that may be in the water supply. The water filter measures 2” in diameter and 7” in length. It is recommended by the manufacture to replace the water filter every 6 months for best performance.
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No Symptoms for this part
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Plastic Tube - 5/16"
PartSelect Number PS3536013
Manufacturer Part Number MJU62070602
This water tube, or plastic tube, is used in refrigerators and freezers. The tube ensures water is directed to parts of the refrigerator that need it, such as the water dispenser and ice maker. If you find that your current one is leaking or broken in any way, replacing the tube can fix this problem. Make sure to unplug the appliance from the power source before you start this installation project. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for further instruction and accurate guidance.
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Installation Instructions
Debbie from FISHER, AR says,

Broken water line
Remove water filter and water filter holder. Removed cover on back of frig. Removed clip where water line connects to back of water filter. Took half inch wrench pushed in on water line lock to more

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Air Filter
PartSelect Number PS3654115
Manufacturer Part Number ADQ73214404
Refrigerator Air Filters are a key component for neutralizing odors and ensuring a fresh stream of air into your refrigerator. Swapping your old filter out for a fresh one isn’t difficult and should take less than five minutes. This OEM filter measures approximately 3 inches (length) x 3 inches (height) x 5 inches (Depth). Air filters should be changed every 6 months depending on usage.
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No Symptoms for this part
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Door Holder
PartSelect Number PS3535435
Manufacturer Part Number MEG61899901
This is a manufacturer-approved refrigerator door closure for your refrigerator. It is made of white plastic and measures approximately 3 inches by 2 inches. If your old closure is damaged, your refrigerator door may not open and shut properly, and therefore it should be replaced.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

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Door Mullion - White
PartSelect Number PS4129907
Manufacturer Part Number AGU73530705
This is a replacement mullion rail for your French door-style refrigerator. You will typically find the mullion rail on the left side refrigerator door. The mullion rail helps to keep the refrigerator door closed. If the door will not close properly or if you notice leaking on your floor, you may need to replace the door mullion. A faulty mullion can gather moisture, resulting in a leak. To replace the mullion, simply disconnect the old mullion from the wire harness and unscrew it. Re-attach the wire harness to the mullion and screw it back into place.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Tiziana from WARWICK, NY says,

My nephew accidentally forced the door closed last year, which resulted in the door having to be re closed manually folding back the flap. Ugh!
Unscered 2 screws, unplug electrical connection under the screws, slide her flap into grooves, realign screw holes , and rescrew in. more

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PartSelect Number PS3630729
Manufacturer Part Number MHY62044103
This spring is located on the mullion, or door flap, of your fridge. This spring is sourced from the genuine OEM manufacturer for various refrigerator models. It measures about 1.5 inches in total length, and is made entirely out of metal.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open or close

Installation Instructions
Claudio from YONKERS, NY says,

Door flap spring
Insert the top first and then twist to insert more

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Lower Holder Cover
PartSelect Number PS3524311
Manufacturer Part Number 4930JJ2021A
This lower holder cover is also known as a toe grille clip, or a kickplate clip. It is designed for use with refrigerators. The main purpose of this part is to hold the molding at the base of your refrigerator in place, it also makes removing the piece of molding simple. If you notice that the kickplate on your appliance is loose or will not stay in place you may need to replace one or more of these clips. This part is made of plastic, and it is sold individually.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Daniel from TROY, MI says,

two screws and done
part fit into slot and screwed them more

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Evaporator Fan Motor
PartSelect Number PS3523323
Manufacturer Part Number 4681JB1027C
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
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Push Button Switch
PartSelect Number PS3529283
Manufacturer Part Number 6600JB3007E
This is a genuine replacement switch. It is a push button style switch that is designed for use in your refrigerator. When the door of your appliance is opened the switch is released, and the light comes on. When you close the door the switch is pressed in, and the light turns off. You may need a putty knife to remove your old switch.
Fixes these symptoms
Light not working

Installation Instructions
Scott Andrew from PORT HURON, MI says,

Cam holder for gasket retainer broken off; refrigerator cabinet light switches failed
(1) Gasket holder is quite simple. Remove snap-on trim to expose gasket. Identify upper and lower clips (white 1" long) that hold gasket holder into frame of fridge door. Gently pry out / remove more