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Box, Heater
PartSelect Number PS11746303
Manufacturer Part Number WP8541818
The heating element is not included with this box.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Marks left on clothes
  • No heat or not enough heat
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Side and Bottom Vent Kit
PartSelect Number PS3633049
Manufacturer Part Number W10470674
This kit is used for the bottom and side exhaust. The kit includes both the straight and elbow vent.
Installation Instructions
Mark from San Diego, CA
Needed to change rear exhaust to the side to fit dryer into my closet.
First, I opened up the front of the dryer and then unscrewed the entire back piece. I assembled the new exhaust piece from the kit. Next, I took out the old straight rear exhaust and then replaced it with the elbow shaped left eshaust from the kit. Lastly, reattache the back and front pieces of the dryer. Read more...
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Side Venting Kit
PartSelect Number PS3489583
Manufacturer Part Number W10323246
This is a four way dryer vent kit.
Installation Instructions
Dodd from Fort Worth, TX
I was adding a 4-way vent to side vent the dryer
Doing my home work, I was told if I was "handy with my hands" I could do the work. Start to finish required 3+ hours. The instructions were not specific to my unit therefore, I had to "guess". My first surprise was encountered on step 2 - removing the top. My top was attached to the "brains" of the drier and therefore could not be removed. I actually had to disconnect the brains to remove the top. My second surprise was that I had to remove just about everything before I could get to the vent, which by the way, was simple. I finally accomplished the task, but.... Read more...
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Lint Duct Housing
PartSelect Number PS2002970
Manufacturer Part Number 12001324
Does not include the seal
Installation Instructions
Michael from Bloomington, IL
Other collector broke and was tearing clothing
Opened the top by popping the two fasteners holding it down. Did this with a screw driver. Took two screws out of the front holding collector in place and two screws out holding the front to the two other sides. Put front of dryer down on the floor. Removed old collector and used all other existing material from old collector to finish job. Wife could not believe how quick this was. Put back together was a snap too. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11750459
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10211896
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PartSelect Number PS11741422
Manufacturer Part Number WP3387911
Installation Instructions
Thomas from Edgartown, MA
Screen on the hot air vent disintegrated
It is odd that this part needed replacement but I am in an area near the Atlantic ocean in a vacation house which is vacant most of the year. The exhaust vent probably brings excessive moisture down to the dryer in the basement. The screen you can see at the inside back of the tumbler (where the heated air enters) rotten out, pieces fell inside and there was danger of something falling in and catching fire. I found no useful source for information (including YouTube) as this part is most easily replaced from the rear of the dryer and the available info was about repairing the heating element, the circuit board, or the exhaust venting pieces which is done from the front.

The bottom line is that the back removes easily. You should:
1. unplug and remove the exhaust shoot
2. remove the top per YouTube or other source
3. take off the back panel over the electrical connections and unscrew the ground; tuck it inside. Don't undo any electrical connections except the ground
4. take off the screws holding the back on (8-9, one is hidden above the exhaust vent) and pull it out of the way; you then have compete access to the "DUCT-AIR" part
4. undo the clip that holds the vent tube (from the heating element) to the part
5. remove the screws that hold the part to the inside back (3?) and push it out of the way
6. remove the clips and remove the old part
7. reassemble in reverse order

I'm over 70 so I took lots of time and breaks but was still done in under two hours. The 2 clips holding the heater element tube to the part were badly rusted and should have been replaced but I made do with the old ones.
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Exhaust Duct
PartSelect Number PS11748698
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10128606
Also known as the lint duct.
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PartSelect Number PS11741632
Manufacturer Part Number WP3401380
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PartSelect Number PS11754455
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10416072

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