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Heating Element Brass Nut
PartSelect Number PS1524878
Manufacturer Part Number 154106202
The heating element nut is used to connect the heating element to the dishwasher tub. If water is leaking from underneath your dishwasher, you may need to tighten or replace the heating element nut. Replacing the nut is an easy job, does not require any specialty tools, and should not take you more than 10 minutes. For our step by step guide, click the video below. The brass nut measures 7 inches in length x 1 inch in width x 5 inches in height, and fits most dishwashers. To see if this part is compatible with your dishwasher, check the list of compatible brands below.
Installation Instructions
Dennis from Tryon, NC
Water leaking under the dishwasher
I looked under and found that 2 brass nuts that secured the heater element through the base housing of the dishwasher has split down each side of the nut and no longer was tight enough to keep water from leaking around either end of the heater element. I powered down the dishwasher at the circuit breaker and then reached under the dishwasher and pulled away the 2 wires that were attached to each side of the heater element. I removed the two nuts and replaced them with the parts I ordered from I then put the appropriate wires back at the end of the heater element and ran the dishwasher to check for leaks. No leaks... it was fixed. Read more...
Kickplate Mounting Screw
PartSelect Number PS2373377
Manufacturer Part Number 154754801
Sold individually.
Water Delivery Tube Grommet
PartSelect Number PS11770484
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506517
This grommet fits on the spray arm of your dishwasher. This replacement part connects and seals the spray arm to the water hose that supplies water to the dishwasher tub. Be sure to shut off water supply to your appliance before completing this repair. This part is 3 inches in diameter and is off-white in color.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Loraine from HYDE PARK, VT
wrong part
FRIDGEADAIRE - GALAXY SERIES -Part arrived within 3 days of order BUT it was wrong part. All excited about getting the upper wash rack in full operation once again. Pilled shelf out to remove gasket to find it looked nothing like the one on there. The part I need is like a bellows of sorts that fits on the water line attached to the upper shelf. The part received goes on the back wall.
Now i am back at square one with part I don't need and hoping for the part I do need
Spring Linkage
PartSelect Number PS420766
Manufacturer Part Number 154325201
This linkage attaches to the door spring.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Michael from Redmond, WA
One of the door tension springs and related plastic clip failed causing door to open under full weight
Per the recommendation from, I purchased 2 new springs and 2 new clips - one set for each side. With the bottom cover plate removed below the door, I removed the remaining spring and clip and installed the 2 new springs and clips by hand. The door now opens with resistance and won't even stay completely opened unless the lower dishwasher tray is rolled out on it. it's like new.
This is the second repair to this dishwasher. Last year I replaced the door latch that had broken with a replacement purchased from That repair was also quite easy.
PartSelect's full part brochures by model made identifying the needed parts simple, and the replacement a breeze.
I even repaired my refrigerator ice maker a couple months ago after purchasing a new control module, and saving both a service fee and the probable full price for a new ice maker.
I've repaired my electric clothes dryer too, and hadn't even thought about all the repairs I'd done thanks to this website, until I told the story of my dishwasher.
I've probably saved $1000 already. Wow!
I love this site.
Element Grommet
PartSelect Number PS451462
Manufacturer Part Number 5300806833
This grommet is used in a number of household appliances. Most often it is used in the dishwasher as part of the assembly that mounts and holds the heating element in place. This replacement part is made out of rubber, which helps create a seal between the element and the appliance. This grommet is sold individually. If you are replacing the heating element, or the brass nut that holds it in place, we recommend you replace the grommet at the same time. Before you begin any repair work on your dishwasher, make sure you have unplugged it and shut off the water supply.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Eric from Holly, MI
Water leaking from under dishwasher
Removed lower trim covers (2 Phillips screws) disconnected power supply at breaker box. Removed wire from heating element, removed (broken) brass nut, unclipped heating element and removed. Removed flat washers and replaced with new grommets. Kind of tricky getting them in there. Also had to lube them with silicone to get the element back through. Installed new brass nuts and installed wire connectors. Reset breaker and started diswasher to verify repair. No leaks, working just fine, reinstalled lower trim covers Read more...
PartSelect Number PS2331296
Manufacturer Part Number 216858001
Sold Individually.
Installation Instructions
Terrence from WESLACO, TX
missing door handle
installed new handle
Door Catch Screw
PartSelect Number PS417465
Manufacturer Part Number 131302901
This is a shoulder screw and is used in conjunction with multiple appliances within your home. This specific model is size 10, and it has 16 threads to an inch. This part is made entirely of metal and is chrome-colored. The shoulder screw measures to be less than an inch long, and has a flat bottom and top. In general screws are typically made of metal, and the purpose of them is to be used as a fastener when attaching one piece/part to another. This model is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Denise from King, NC
Door Latch broke
First removed old piece, then put the new one on but didn't remove the wires until last to be sure they would be placed back right. Thats it, the dishwasher is back in business. Read more...
Delivery Inlet Tube Nut
PartSelect Number PS3496133
Manufacturer Part Number 5304482382
Fixes these symptoms
Single Door Spring
PartSelect Number PS452475
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809703
NOTE: Sold individually. This door spring is four and a half inches long. It is used for some dishwashers. These springs tend to wear out at the same rate, so you should replace both of your dishwasher door springs at the same time.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Randy from Orlando, FL
Bad door gasket-leaking, broken door spring
My door spring had broken and I was going to leave it until the door gasket failed and started leaking. After removing the parts, I got on-line and order what I needed. I found everything easier than I thought. I got the parts a few days later and put the gasket in first. Looking at it, you'll find theres slotted ribs at both ends. Those areas go in the bottom corners because of the "S" curve. Simply push in and voila, you're done. At first the door will be firm to shut, but gets better- NO LEAKS! As far as the door don't have to remove the whole dishwasher. Simply unscrew the bottom plate under the door and reach in, rehook. Piece of cake. This site is wonderful. All the parts and easy to use. Read more...
Pan Head Screw
PartSelect Number PS1525804
Manufacturer Part Number 218781101
Sold Individually. Order quantity required.
Installation Instructions
Donna from Hornell, NY
The bearing- hinge broke and fell into the door .
Had to take pilersand remove broken hine from door housing, Just put all new parts on . And I repair appliances from years of working on them ! Read more...

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