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Tine Bracket
PartSelect Number PS11770479
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506508
This bracket is designed for use in dishwashers, and it is a genuine replacement part. It is used in the upper dishrack to hold tines in place. This part is made out of plastic. Please note it is sold individually, therefore you will need to order the quantity you require. NOTE: This part has been updated by the manufacture but will still work like the original.
Heating Element Support Bracket
PartSelect Number PS975933
Manufacturer Part Number 154465101
Sold individually.
Motor Mounting Bracket
PartSelect Number PS1525066
Manufacturer Part Number 154595901
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
John from Herndon, VA
replaced dishwasher motor
Single-handedly. Tipped dishwasher on its side for easy access to water and electric connections. Went back together with no problems or leaks, washes quiter than ever. Read more...
Door Hinge Support
PartSelect Number PS420209
Manufacturer Part Number 154211401
This support is located at the bottom of the dishwasher door.
Fixes these symptoms
PartSelect Number PS1525013
Manufacturer Part Number 154581702
PartSelect Number PS2378565
Manufacturer Part Number 154760101
PartSelect Number PS11770688
Manufacturer Part Number 5304507395
PartSelect Number PS9492344
Manufacturer Part Number 152323603
PartSelect Number PS975952
Manufacturer Part Number 154479601
PartSelect Number PS1992838
Manufacturer Part Number 5304461723

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