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Lower Dishrack Wheel
PartSelect Number PS2379470
Manufacturer Part Number 5304475625
This part is a replacement wheel assembly for your lower dishrack. The wheels on the dishrack allow it to roll in and out of the dishwasher efficiently. If one of your wheels is broken or warped, you will need to replace it. Be sure to inspect the dishrack tines that connect to the wheels when making this repair. Occasionally they can become damaged or rusted out, and in this case, you may have to buy a new dishrack. Most lower racks contain 8 individual wheels, but they are sold individually. The wheel is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and is made of gray plastic.
Installation Instructions
Christine from PILLAGER, MN
Sick of old ones jump out
Wheel, no problems
Single Rack Roller Kit
PartSelect Number PS452448
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809640
The single rack roller kit comes with one axle/clip and one wheel/roller. The rack wheel is designed to allow the rack of your dishwasher to roll in and out. If the rack will not complete this task, or you notice that your dishwasher is not cleaning dishes properly, you may need to replace the rack wheel. The single rack roller kit is made of white plastic, and clips to the dishwasher rack with the included axle/clip. Many of our customers have described this repair as easy, and you will not require any tools to complete it.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Water leaking from Inlet Valve
Remove the bottom cover plate. Disconnect the water inlet and black rubber hose. Remove 2 mounting screws. Pull out electrical connector. Reverse order. Be sure to get the brass inlet connector really tight so it won't leak. I did the final tightning after the part is mounted. Not a bad repair at all. The only problem was that it leaked in the first place and messed up my subfloor and laminate flooring. Read more...
Tub Wheel - NOT a Rack Wheel
PartSelect Number PS2378567
Manufacturer Part Number 154767502
This is a roller assembly for your dishwasher. This part attaches to the inside of the tub, where it helps guide the track and support the top of the dishrack. Take note that this part is sold individually. This model is gray in color and has a diameter of 1.5 inches, and a height (with screw) of almost 2 inches. You will need to replace this part if you are having trouble moving your dishrack.
Wheel and Bushing Assembly
PartSelect Number PS976040
Manufacturer Part Number 154522902
Sold Individually. Order quantity needed.
Upper Dishrack Roller and Axle Kit
PartSelect Number PS452630
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809974
The upper dishrack roller and axel kit comes with two pieces, a wheel and an axle. This kit is made for your dishwasher. Both pieces measure to be roughly one square inch each, they are made entirely of plastic, and are white in color. The purpose of these parts is to allow your dishrack to roll easily on the support rails. This kit is sold individually and contains only one wheel and one axle. Please order the required quantity for your repair. If your dishrack is having trouble rolling in and out you may need replace your rollers and axles.
Installation Instructions
Terry from Pleasant View, UT
Top rack was dropping out of rollers/Slides
This was the second part of repair. Left side was constantly falling out of the slide. I replaced the same items as above minus the gasket and screw kit. Once done, the right side was sloppy so I orders part for that side plus gasket which slid right in.
1. Removed stops on front end of Upper Dishrack Slide on both sides.
2. Removed Upper Dishrack
3. Remove Roller and Axle/clip (4 each)
4. Push Roller onto Axle on all 4 kits
5. Install all 4 roller kits on Upper Dishrack
6. Remove stops from back end of Upper Dishrack Slides.
7. Remove both Slides
8. Remove 8 each Tub Wheels.
9. Using old or new Screws and Washers, install new Tub Wheels.
10. Install both Upper Dishrack Slides ensuring that small holes are toward the back.
11. Install stops on the back end of Slides.
12 Install Upper Dishrackinto slides
13. Install front stops on slide
14. Pulled out Gasket
15. Install replaced Gasket
Lower Rack Wheel with Clip
PartSelect Number PS975885
Manufacturer Part Number 154174503
Sold individually. Order quantity required.
Installation Instructions
Kurt from Corrales, NM
Parts fall off the Frigidare products in my house.
The parts above fell off or broke and were not covererd under warratee. I called you guys, the parts came in a few days and I snapped them on. Your service was very good. Read more...
Upper Rack Roller Assembly
PartSelect Number PS1765471
Manufacturer Part Number 5304460966
Upper Rack Wheel
PartSelect Number PS1524974
Manufacturer Part Number 154572403
Sold individually.
PartSelect Number PS1992861
Manufacturer Part Number 5304461770
Wheel Caster
PartSelect Number PS420534
Manufacturer Part Number 154280201
This part provides ease of moving the dishwasher to the sink area. Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Liza from Hazel Park, MI
Purchased used appliance that needed parts
I purchased a wonderful portable dishwasher at a garage sale for $20. The woman had just redecorated her kitchen and was selling the relatively new portable model. All it needed was a new caster and a faucet adapter. After ordering the parts, they arrived in a couple days, and after less than 5 minutes of installing them I had a "new" dishwasher that works like a champ! Thanks for making this so easy! Read more...

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