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Bake Igniter
PartSelect Number PS8722793
Manufacturer Part Number 00492431
If your gas oven is not heating at all, or not heating properly the most commonly problem is a faulty igniter. The bake igniter is used in gas overs and ranges, the element in the igniter gets hot enough to ignite the gas that lights the oven burner. This bake igniter assembly features a wire harness and push-on wire terminal ends for easy installation. Handle this replacement part with care, do not touch the element inside the igniter as it is very fragile. Before you replace this part make sure you have unplugged your oven and shutoff the gas supply.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
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Grate Foot
PartSelect Number PS8712121
Manufacturer Part Number 00416438
This burner grate foot assembly includes the rubber foot and insert. Burner grate feet are an important part of your range or cooktop, not only do they help prevent the burner grate from scratching the surface of the range or cooktop, they also allow you to safely use the burner. Burner feet help ensure the burner is both level and stable, so when you place your cookware on top it stays in place, and does not interfere with the burner head. You will need to replace burner grate feet on your appliance if they are damaged or lost. Before you begin any repair work on your range or cooktop make sure it is unplugged, and make sure the gas supply has been shutoff. This is one individual burner grate foot.
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PartSelect Number PS8714902
Manufacturer Part Number 00436632
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PartSelect Number PS8698440
Manufacturer Part Number 00189324
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PartSelect Number PS8713165
Manufacturer Part Number 00422105
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PartSelect Number PS8698313
Manufacturer Part Number 00188978
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PartSelect Number PS8713648
Manufacturer Part Number 00423518
Installation Instructions
Broiler element stopped working
Step 1: Call the appliance store and ask the repairman to look at the problem.
Step 2: Wait 10 days.
Step 3: Have repairman tell you the broiler element stopped working. He states he will order the new part and charges $80 for the visit.
Step 4: Wait 4 weeks, then call the repairman and have him tell you the part is backordered.
Step 5: Wait another 4 weeks, periodically calling the repairman to be told assorted stories about the backordered part.
Step 6: Go to, and within 10 minutes order the part.
Step 7: Receive the part in 2 DAYS.
Step 8: Remove the old broiler element (only 4 screws to remove) and slide off the 2 electrical connections.
Step 9: Connect the new broiler element, push the electrical wires back into the panel and replace the 4 screws.
Step 10: Tell the repairman to go to ****
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Broil Element
PartSelect Number PS8714970
Manufacturer Part Number 00436789
This broil element is found on the roof of ovens and ranges, it generates the heat required for the broil function of your appliance. If your oven will not get hot when the broil function is selected, you may have a problem with the element. To replace this part you will need to unplug your appliance, open the oven door, remove the two wire leads attached to the element terminals, and the four screws holding the element in place. Once you have safely removed the faulty element, you then place the new element in the same spot, attach the four screws that hold it securely to the roof of the appliance, and connect the wire leads. This broil element is 3259 Watts.
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Electronic Control Board
PartSelect Number PS8731449
Manufacturer Part Number 00653424
This display module is also known as an oven control board. This part is the brain of your appliance. It monitors and displays the internal temperature of your range oven. The control board allows you to control the heating functions of the appliance. You can set the desired cooking temperature, select if you want the bake, broil, or warm function, and set a timer. This digital display will also function as a clock when the oven is not in use. Before you replace this part you should check it with a multi-meter to ensure it is faulty. Problems with the control board are often misdiagnosed. This replacement display module also included the filter.
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Spark Igniter Switch
PartSelect Number PS8698334
Manufacturer Part Number 00189008
This spark switch is also commonly referred to as an igniter switch, or a burner ignition switch. This part is used on ranges and cooktops, this part makes the spark required to ignite the burners in your appliance when the burner knob is in the lite position. If the burner on your range or cooktop will not ignite you will need to check and possibly replace the burner ignition switch. You will need a screwdriver to successfully install this replacement part. Before you begin any repair work on your appliance make sure it is unplugged, and ensure the gas supply has been shutoff. This spark switch is sold individually.

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