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PartSelect Number PS10058128
Manufacturer Part Number 00706276
This part is also called the Door Boot Seal. It's the main seal between the front bulkhead and the outer tub.
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Washer Door Boot Gasket
PartSelect Number PS11732288
Manufacturer Part Number 00772658
This door boot is for washers. Door boot forms a seal between the wash tub and the door, preventing leaks.
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PartSelect Number PS8696040
Manufacturer Part Number 00154740
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Shipping Bolt with Spacer
PartSelect Number PS8697774
Manufacturer Part Number 00175724
Front-loading washing machines use a suspension system to support the tub during the wash cycle. This suspension system is only designed to handle a certain amount of movement, so when you are transporting or moving the machine you will need shipping bolts to hold the tub in place. Using shipping bolts will help you limit any potential damage that can be done to the suspension system during transport. This shipping bolt is comprised of three pieces, the bolt, the washer and the sleeve. You will need four of these bolts to hold the tub of your front load washer in place for moving.
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Cold Water Inlet Valve
PartSelect Number PS8713229
Manufacturer Part Number 00422244
This valve is used in washers and it is known as the washer inlet valve. This specific valve is used to control the flow of cold water into your washing machine. If your washer is leaking, if it will not fill, if it is taking a long time to fill, or if it will only operate with hot water the dual inlet valve made be restricted or damaged. If you find this valve is damaged or restricted it will need to be replaced. Before you replace this part, or any other part on your washer, make sure the water supply has been shutoff and ensure the appliance is unplugged.
Fixes these symptoms
Will not fill with water
Will not stop filling with water

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Donna from HUNTERSVILLE, NC says,

The inlet valve on my washer was leaking
Turned off the water to the washer. Took the top off of the washer. Used pliers to loosen the rings holding the hoses to the valve. After the hoses were removed from the valve I popped out the old more

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Leveling Leg
PartSelect Number PS8727257
Manufacturer Part Number 00610643
Sold individually.
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PartSelect Number PS8714285
Manufacturer Part Number 00428210
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No Symptoms for this part
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Drain Pump - 120V 60Hz
PartSelect Number PS8714879
Manufacturer Part Number 00436440
This drain pump, also referred to as a drain pump motor assembly, is designed for use with front load washers. This pump is used to remove the water from your washing machine during the washing cycle. When the spin speed of the tub is maintained for a specific period of time the drain pump is then activated. If your washing machine will not drain you may have an issue with the drain pump, it may be damaged, clogged, or faulty. If you find an issue with your drain pump you will need to replace it. This drain pump assembly includes the drain pump motor, impeller, pump housing, and pump filter.
Fixes these symptoms
Pumps but will not spin
Will not drain

Installation Instructions
Sheriann from GLENN, CA says,

We got E13 code, meaning "something" is in the pump--needs clean out. We cleaned out and it worked only once more:( A small plastic peice was cracked and let water and "junk" into the pump--a total loss.
My husband took off the back of the washer and disconnected the hose that connected the pump to the main drum. He has strong fingers--did it that way--but really you need a pillars. After putting more

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PartSelect Number PS8713206
Manufacturer Part Number 00422204
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Door Hinge
PartSelect Number PS8731238
Manufacturer Part Number 00651004
The hinge is mounted on the front of the washer, and the door is installed onto the hinge. When the hinge on a washing machine is broken or bent the door may not swing properly, and it may not close. If your door will not close your washer will not run, so you will need to replace the hinge on your appliance. Make sure you save the white plastic cap bushings from the old hinge, as you will need to install those on your new hinge, they are not included. This hinge is made of metal, and the screws you will need install it are included.
Fixes these symptoms
Lid or door will not open
Lid or door won’t close

Installation Instructions
James from ALEXANDRIA, VA says,

Hinge bracket snapped off
Removed washing machine door. Then removed old hinge. Replaced with the new hinge. Replaced door. SPECIAL NOTE: Do not lose white plastic rings that cover hinge nipples on washer. The replacement more