Fun in the Kitchen

Of all the rooms in the house that are home to appliances, the kitchen is by far the most fun. In this section you’ll find some of our favorite articles, including the ever popular Dishwasher Lasagna.

From the Ground to the Table: Community Supported Agriculture

Find out how Community Supported Agriculture could revamp your produce intake! Also, read our recipes for cooking the unusual produce you may find in your CSA box.

How to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Learn the basics to feng shui your kitchen! You can begin rearranging items right away to better maximize the flow of positive energy through the natural meeting place in your home.

A Beginners Guide to Setting Up Your Cheese Platter

Take the mystery out of selecting cheese for a platter with our guide to setting up your cheese platter. Learn which characteristics to pair together for a dynamic set of flavors!

Hostess Guide: How to Set Your Table for Every Occasion

Learn how to set a proper table for any occasion, whether its a casual meal or a five-course dinner!

Wok This Way: A Beginners Guide to Using A Wok

Learn how to select a wok, season it, and then cook a variety of delicious recipes for dinner!

Juicing and Blending: Which is Best for Your Beverage

Juicing and blending are both great options for creating a nutrient-rich snack thats full of health benefits. Find out which is best for you, as well as some tips and recipes!

Morning Jolt

Learn how to make the perfect espresso shot at home, as well as how to clean your machine with this infographic on all things espresso!

A Guide to Care for Cast Iron Skillets

Learn how to season and clean your cast iron skillet. With the proper care, this tool can remain in your kitchen for years!

Your Go-To Grill Guide: Tips and Tricks to Master the Grill

Know your meat inside and out with our go-to grilling guide. We’ll teach you how to marinate meat, grill it, and clean the barbecue afterwards!

From The Store to Your Refrigerator: A Food Spoilage Chart

Sometimes determining the freshness of food in the fridge can be tricky. While some foods may look fine or pass the smell test, there are varying spoilage times that you have to keep in mind.

Applying Your Appliance to Your Food Budget: A Guide to Freezing Food

There are numerous reasons to freeze food, but just some of them are the practical and straightforward benefits that people can incorporate into their average day.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends: New Colors, Appliances, Materials & More

What are the hottest kitchen design trends for 2014? Whether you’re on the hunt for small kitchen renovation ideas or you’re ready to dive into some major kitchen updates, we’ll help you find the inspiration you’re looking for in this infographic that showcases this year’s most popular kitchen color schemes, materials, and pattern combos that industry experts are buzzing about.

The Evolution of the Easy Bake Oven

In this infographic you will learn all about the evolution of the Easy Bake Oven with some fun facts along the way.

Deliciously Chilly Fridge and Freezer Treats

Cool down and enjoy an icy cold homemade treat made in your fridge or freezer.

You Cleaned What in Your Dishwasher

You can clean what in your dishwasher? Turn your dishwasher into a household cleaning machine!

Video: How to Cook Lasagna in your Dishwasher

Video shows how to cook Lasagna Florentine in your dishwasher. Cook your dinner and clean your dishes at the same time!

Baking Terms- An Online Glossary

PartSelect offers a comprehensive glossary of baking terms. From cookware and baking utensils to cooking methods and ingredients, you'll learn all you need to know to find your way around the kitchen.

Kitchen Kids: Nutrition Resources and Information

To help teachers and educations capture the attention of their students, we have collected the following lesson plans, classroom resources, and kids-friendly activities to jumpstart the conversation about healthy living and proper nutrition.

Major Fun! Resources for Cooking with Children

Cooking with kids is a wonderful way to spend time with children, and help them learn at the same time. There are many recipes, easy or complex, that are fun to make with children.

From Electric Pickles to Naked Eggs - Taking Science from the Lab to the Kitchen

The ultimate list of at-home science experiments guaranteed to satisfy even the most curious of minds.

Dishwasher Lasagna Florentine

Learn how to cook Lasagna Florentine in your Dishwasher. Shock and amaze your dinner guests with this unique recipe.