Major Fun! Resources for Cooking with Children

Ideas for cooking with kids

Cooking with kids is a wonderful way to spend time with children, and help them learn at the same time.There are many recipes, easy or complex, that are fun to make with children.To keep cooking with kids fun, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Children are always looking for something interesting to do and with cooking it teaches children how to read recipes/instructions, the preparation involved, possibly shopping for groceries/ingredients and more. Using a well-planned recipe, a day of cooking with kids is a great way to entertain your kids while teaching them how to cook!

Cooking/Kitchen Safety

Safety is important when cooking anyway, but when you have children involved it’s even more critical.Children may not know when things are hot, or forget that they are.They also may not realize when they are close to an oven, or in danger of something hot spilling on them.Similarly children may not be aware of where sharp objects are.Adults need to both clarify to children when dangers are present, and also preempt situations that could be dangerous to children. Avoiding incidents, and always keeping safety in mind ensures that a day in the kitchen with children is fun, and safe.

Fun Recipes!

Ideas for cooking with kids

There are many recipes that are fun for adults, which might not be so fun for children.Fun recipes don’t have to be short but they should be paced well so there is always something being done, and not so much time just waiting for something to cook as children will become restless and uninterested. Since some recipes do require time in the oven, or boiling on the stove, it’s often useful to plan some other fun activities, maybe coloring, or playing a game, while the recipe is cooking.Another consideration to keeping recipes fun is the ingredients.Children’s recipes don’t have to be all sugar, but kids might not find recipes involving tofu, and sprouts quite so fun.It’s good also to choose ingredients that are colorful, or ones that can be made into fun shapes!





Ideas for cooking with kids
  • Chef La La – Fun children’s recipes, and dessert tips
  • Campfire Recipes – Fun snacks & desserts for kids while camping!
  • Pancake Fun – Recipes and activities for children using a variety of pancake types!


Planning, Cleanup, and Other Tips!

It is important to plan ahead when cooking with children.Knowing children’s allergies for instance.It’s also best to try to get a feel for what sorts of ingredients children won’t eat ahead of time so that no one feels left out, or bored.Make sure the kitchen is equipped with all the cookware, and ingredients, and as childproof as possible before the children come into the kitchen.If there will be games, or activities in slow parts, make sure they’re ready, and make sure there’s a separate safe space for them to take place.Make sure the children are prepared to clean up, and try to make cleanup as much fun as cooking!

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