Modern Kitchen Design Trends: New Colors, Appliances, Materials & More

One of the growing trends today in kitchen design focuses on creating a central spot in the home – a concept known as the "social kitchen" – that can be used for both cooking and entertainment purposes. Social kitchens have adequate and comfortable seating, with large cushions for comfort and long conversations. Interior designers are finding that more and more people are mixing unexpected materials and textures, trying repurposed and eco-friendly furnishing options, and going back to the basics: clean lines, simple design, and a "Zen-like" feel.

When it comes to countertops, quartz was the material of choice in 2013. It is durable with a non-abrasive pattern. People are opting for light-colored cabinets, with white being the most popular.

There is also growing popularity for the color gray when it comes to the kitchen. Interior decorators agree that this neutral color adds sophistication to the room. However, it still comes in third place behind whites and off-white color palates.

Kitchen islands are increasing in size. With the rise of the "foodie," both men and women are prepping and cooking meals to entertain friends and family. Islands are now doing double duty and acting as both a prep station and a buffet table.

Kitchens are quickly becoming the most popular and used room in the home. Check out this guide to see the complete list of growing trends and classic designs to make your kitchen the talk of the town!

2014 trends that have interior designers buzzing! Must-haves in kitchen colors, appliances, and more.

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