A Guide to Care for Cast Iron Skillets

If you are unfamiliar with cast iron skillets, the prospect of owning one can be rather daunting. All the maintenance involved may put off potential buyers, but the work is worth it. Cast iron skillets are long-lasting, top-notch kitchen tools. Their durability and classic look have cemented their status as a kitchen must-have.

Seasoning your skillet often will give it a built-in non-stick feature that allows you to cook your food using less oil. Frying eggs and searing steaks are joyful experiences when you use a cast iron skillet. You can also bake up batches of rustic cornbread in a skillet to get a crunchy exterior! Keep in mind that if you wish to use your skillet for baking sweet items, it may be a good idea to invest in two separate skillets, one for savory items and one for sweet, as the seasoning may retain traces of either.

The next important step in cast iron maintenance is cleaning. Unfortunately with a skillet like this, leaving the pots and pans in the sink for another day is not an option. Washing the skillet while it is still warm from the stove is the best choice for maintaining this magnificent pan! Remember to dry it completely before storing it between uses, as iron can be prone to rust.

A Guide to Care for Cast Iron Skillets

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