From Electric Pickles to Naked Eggs - Taking Science from the Lab to the Kitchen

Science activities for kids - Electric Pickle

Thoughts of science experiments typically bring to mind images of sterile labs, starchy white coats and bulky plastic goggles – none of which really scream fun. Contrary to popular belief, experimenting with different materials, concepts and ideas can be an entertaining and educational activity for absolutely anyone.

Most people have tried their hand with home-made volcanoes, soup-can telephones or floating soap bubbles. As neat as those traditional experiments can be, after a while they have the tendency to get kind of boring. In order to keep people engaged and entertained when it comes to science, we have created the ultimate list of at-home experiments guaranteed to satisfy even the most curious of minds.

We've split things up into three different sections: The first is called, As Easy as 1, 2, 3 – the experiments in this section are really quite simple, requiring few supplies and very little time; The next section is, A little bit of effort & a whole lot of fun – you might need to do some digging for supplies but the end result is well worth the work; The last section is aptly titled, Never give up – these experiments are a little bit more difficult and might require an extra try or two, but they are also by far the coolest. You'll probably need to hit the grocery and/or home improvement store, but most of the supplies should be readily available and even re-usable.

Please be careful when attempting any of these experiments. Although we have deemed them all safe to do at home, we encourage you to wear the proper safety gear and take all necessary precautions.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Science activities for kids
  • Film Canister Rocket: Combine a few simple ingredients to create enough carbon dioxide gas to send your homemade rocket flying!
  • Making Naked Eggs: Watch the shell of an egg erode before your very eyes! Who knew science and magic went hand in hand?
  • Coke & Candy: The infamous Mentos & Coke eruption experiment.
  • Making Fake Blood (edible): Make your own fake blood, and eat it too, with the quick at-home recipe.
  • Invisible Ink: Have you ever wondered how invisible ink works? Create your own to find out.
  • Pick up Ice Cubes with a piece of string:Think you can pick-up an ice cube without tying any knots? Try this experiment to find out.
  • Make a parachute: Creating a parachute is way easier than you think. Design and create your own, then test its strength using objects from around your home (might not want to use anything breakable for this one, just a suggestion!).
  • Dancing raisins: Yup, you read that right. Raisins can dance, and this experiment will show you how.
  • Rock Candy: We've all seen those delicious looking sticks of candy crystal, but did you know science was behind their making? Make your own in this experiment.

A little bit of effort & a whole lot of fun ...

Science activities for kids
  • Making a Bouncy Ball: Save yourself the quarter by combining the right ingredients to create your very own bouncy ball.
  • Making your very own electromagnet: Most magnets, like the ones you use on your fridge, cannot be turned off. In this experiment you'll create an electromagnet that requires electricity.
  • Creating Silly Putty: Have you ever held silly putty in your hand and wondered how it was created? This experiment will have you taking solids to slime in no time.
  • Quick Sand: So easy but so much fun. Once you've figured out how to make it, you'll want to spend hours trying to see what will sink.
  • Make your very own Cartesian Diver: Test the properties of buoyancy and make your little diver sink and float, depending on your will.
  • Create a motion ocean: Again, why go out and buy things when you can make them at home? Combine liquids with different densities to create a motion ocean just for you
  • Create your own kaleidoscope": Watch how light changes as it bumps into different objects in this neat take on a traditional experiment.
  • Rapid Color Changing Chemistry: Turn the color of a liquid from clear to dark blue in just seconds.
  • Create your own cartoon: The simple science behind a cartoon.

Never give up ...

  • Harmonograph Experiment: Have you always wondered how harmonographs work but been too intimidated to try one out on your own? These simple experiments will have you drawing in no time.
  • Marble Rollercoaster: Put your construction skills to work and test your theories of momentum with marbles and some cardboard.
  • The Electric Pickle: Intrigued? So were we! Find out how to take your regular, every day pickle and make it glow in this neat experiment.
  • Eyes in the back of your head: Freak out your friends and baffle your parents in this experiment that shows the magic of travelling light.
  • Create your own volcano: As boring as it might be for some people, no experiment list is complete without the volcano.

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