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Chrome Drip Bowl - 8 inch
PartSelect Number PS11750107
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10196405
This drip bowl is also known as a drip pan, and it is designed for use with cooktops and ranges. It sits below 8-inch burner elements, and catches drips and spills from the cookware on the burner. The diameter of the drip bowl is approximately 10 inches. This replacement might appear slightly different, but it will fit your appliance. You will need no tools to complete this repair. Simply remove the burner element, remove the old bowl, line up the hole on the new bowl with the terminal block and drop it into place. Make sure the bowl is flat before reinstalling the element. While you have the element out you should inspect the terminals for corrosion, damage, or discoloration. If you notice any of those things you should also replace the element and terminal block. You will need to replace your drip bowl if it is lost, damaged, or can no longer be cleaned. This replacement part is sold individually. To extend the life of your new drip bowl we recommend you clean it regularly with soap and water.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat

Installation Instructions
Joe from Greeley, CO says,

oven wouldn't heat
First I removed the two screws that hold the element in place. I then pulled the element out about 3 inches and disconnected the two wires, then removed element and replaced with new more

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Drip Bowl - 6"
PartSelect Number PS2366565
Manufacturer Part Number W10196406RW
If your element will not heat, there could be an issue with your drip bowl. This chrome drip bowl is 8 inches in diameter, and fits most electric ranges. Before you replace the drip bowl, make sure the element is turned off and cool to the touch. Installation is easy, just remove the element, replace the current drip bowl, and replace the element. Make sure the small hole on the bowl lines up with the element socket. The manufacturer has substituted this part, it now has a hole in the center, and no longer has a solid bottom. For a step by step guide, click the video below.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat

Installation Instructions
Michael from Kings Park, NY says,

Drip bowls were rusty and rotting through
I simply removed the elements and replaced the drip bowls with new ones. Put the elements back in and my stove looks %1000 better! more

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Rubber Grommet
PartSelect Number PS11752223
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10293874
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions

Knobs slipping
Remove old knobs and remove old grommets. Insert new grommets, install new more

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Surface Burner Receptacle Kit
PartSelect Number PS1570190
Manufacturer Part Number 12001676
The tools you will need to replace the surface burner receptacle kit on your range include a Phillips screw driver, and a pair of wire strippers. Before doing this repair, make sure to disconnect your appliance from the power supply and wear work gloves to protect your hands. The surface burner receptacle kit comes with a ceramic block, high temperature wire nuts, a metal bracket, and wires. Plastic parts can over heat and melt in your range, that is why this part includes ceramic and high temperature wiring. This part functions as the connection between the wire harness and the surface element in your range.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat
Will Not Start

Installation Instructions
Richard from Carthage, NC says,

Stove top element not working due to bad receptacle.
Turned off the power at the breaker box, cut the wires approximately 5 inches from the bad receptacle and removed it after removing one screw. Stripped back the wires about 1/2 inch and attached the more

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Burner Head Cap with Spark Electrode
PartSelect Number PS11741732
Manufacturer Part Number WP3412D024-09
The burner head cap with spark electrode directs the gas to the front and back burner heads and will equally distribute the gas across cooking areas. This part can help the following symptoms: if your oven will not start, element will not heat, the gas ignitor does not light, and/or gas spreads a smell. Make sure to rotate the burner assembly clockwise to release the burner from the top. Please note: this part has been updated and the gasket seal is no longer required. Make sure to unplug the oven before installing this part and wear work gloves to protect your hands.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat
Gas igniter glows, but will not light
Gas smell

See more...
Installation Instructions

Oven not working
There were no flames when I turned the oven on, so the first thing I did was narrow down the problem through the process of elimination. It was really a fairly simple system to work on. I verified more

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Burner Knob
PartSelect Number PS11744441
Manufacturer Part Number WP74011287
This is a burner knob and is used in conjunction with your range stove top. This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft. This part is black and gray with numbering indicating the various temperature levels found on the surface burner, these include: high, medium, low, lite, and off. The most common reason for needing to change this knob is if your current model has wear and tear to the inside metal of the control knob. The function of this piece is to let the user control the heat of the surface element on the range stove top. This part will easily snap in and out of place with a firm grip.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Lin from Northridge, CA says,

stovetop burner knobs were not snugly fitting on stove (metal inside part worn out).
3 of the 4 burner knobs were broken. Finding the burner knobs on was easy. What sold me on purchasing them were the pictures including a closeup of the back connection and the more

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Standard Y-Frame Range Surface Burner
PartSelect Number PS11743366
Manufacturer Part Number WP660532
The standard y-frame surface burner provides heat to your range. If you notice that your element will not heat, you may need to replace your surface burner. This product is 6 inches in diameter, and 1500W. The manufacturer suggests replacing the receptacle at the same time that you replace the surface burner. Many of our customers have rated this repair as very easy, and you will not need any tools. To complete the repair, simply lift out the old burner and replace it with the new one. Check that the burners are turned off before you begin this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat

Installation Instructions
Laurie from Tequesta, FL says,

Burner element broke and drip bowls needed to be replaced.
I went to the local discount mart and bought drip bowls. The ones available at that store did not fit, so I decided to buy directly from the stove's manufacturer distributor.

The drip pans more

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PartSelect Number PS11744194
Manufacturer Part Number WP74007705
This part is the replacement grommet for your cooktop or range. It is made of black plastic and is approximately 1 ¼ inches in diameter. This part may also be known as the cooktop burner knob gasket, and it creates a seal between the burner knob and the control panel. The main reason to replace the gasket is if it no longer creates a seal, or if it is otherwise broken, damaged, or missing. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
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Grate Foot
PartSelect Number PS11744173
Manufacturer Part Number WP74007356
Sold individually. Must be held in with adhesive. Part # PS972585.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Jim from San Marcos, CA says,

grate feet missing
place new ones in by hand. the new ones fit too loose and if not carefull they will fall more

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Cooktop Cleaner
PartSelect Number PS3492527
Manufacturer Part Number W10355051
This bottle of non-abrasive cooktop cleaner breaks down and gets rid of the hardest baked-on stains and residue without causing any harm to your appliance. The bottle is 10 oz and does not require a large amount of product to do the job. This cleaner is perfectly safe to use on any glass, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, or porcelain cooktop surface. The cleaner is creamy in texture and provides a protective coat of silicone on smooth surfaces. To apply, use a gentle scrub, sponge, or rag and gently press in a circular motion until the stains are removed.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Vancine from AURORA, CO says,

no problem
I purchased cleaning supplies for my new range! more