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PartSelect Number PS11744408
Manufacturer Part Number WP74010776
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PartSelect Number PS11750806
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10237005
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PartSelect Number PS11744403
Manufacturer Part Number WP74010652
Installation Instructions
bill from spokane valley, WA
electrode clicked but failed to light burner
I first tried to remove the torx screws only to have them break off..soooo as with most home repairs it grew into a bigger task. 1) unhooked the gas line and unplugged the unit 2) place the unit upside down on workbench 3) used a socket set to remove the hex screws that held the top on 4)removed all the other burners and disconnected electrical wire connected to the igniters. 5) Removed the top 6) uses pliers to remove the screw parts left in the burner base (wd-40 and lock wrench)..Replaced the old gaskets 7) put the top back on and screwed the top back on (make sure you pull the igniter wires through the top before securing it) 8) Reseat and screw in the burners using a torx bit Read more...
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Switch Gasket
PartSelect Number PS11743885
Manufacturer Part Number WP71002569
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Gas Valve/Switch Seal Cover
PartSelect Number PS11740880
Manufacturer Part Number WP3188425
Part is located on top of the igniter switch that's next to the gas valve. Helps regulate gas flow and the amount of normal leakage that may occur.
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PartSelect Number PS11743977
Manufacturer Part Number WP74001380

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