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Inner Glass
6 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS1765366
Manufacturer Part Number 318212210
Installation Instructions
Jonathan M. from Sierra Madre, CA
Inner window on my Frigidaire electric stove oven cracked
On this website, I found an instruction manual for this stove. There were 2 pages about how to change the glass on the oven door, including diagrams. I'd also checked a generic youtube video on changing inner glass on oven doors too, although the hinges in the youtube demo weren't exactly like those in mine. I printed out the instructions, checked the oven door to make sure the hinges looked like those in the diagrams, set aside a couple of hours on a free day with no other distractions, and did the job. I just kept removing screws from the inside oven door, peeling back the layers of the onion, until I got to the innermost glass, which was cracked. Put the new glass in, put it back together. On youtube the guy said it would take 20 minutes. It took me about an hour. Saved a ton of money by doing it myself. Read more...
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Outer Oven Door Glass
PartSelect Number PS977731
Manufacturer Part Number 316406404
Installation Instructions
steven from WILLIAMS, IN
Front glass broke(shattered) while moving
Step 1 Clear frame surface of any debris Step 2 Back out four (4) screws in bottom of glass holder Step 3 insert glass in to the top and allow to drop into the bottom channel. This may take some finesse Step 4 tighten 4 screws Step 5 clean up area and pick up tools Read more...
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Exterior Door Glass
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS977730
Manufacturer Part Number 316406403
White in color.
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Outer Door Glass with Foil Tape
PartSelect Number PS470236
Manufacturer Part Number 5303935203
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PartSelect Number PS10057263
Manufacturer Part Number 316402005
Inner Oven Door Glass Panel
PartSelect Number PS438400
Manufacturer Part Number 316088600
This part is the replacement inner oven door glass for your oven. It is made of glass and is approximately 16 inches wide and 7 inches long. The oven door glass allows you to see inside the oven when the door is closed. The main reason to replace the inner oven door glass is if the old glass is cracked, broken, or missing. This part is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Inner Oven Door Glass
4 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS439086
Manufacturer Part Number 316117500
This inner oven door glass, also called an oven heat barrier glass, is a transparent and heat resistant sheet of glass that fits into your oven or range. While containing the heat, the sheet of glass acts like a window so you can see the contents in the oven. This is an original part sourced directly from the genuine manufacturer. Wait to replace the glass until the appliance is cool to the touch. This part is sold individually, and contains the glass panel only. Glass panel is approximately 20 inches by 13 inches.
Installation Instructions
Mitch from Fernandina Beach, FL
Cracked oven door inner glass
Repair was quite easy, as long as you have the instructions for removing the door. The screws that hold the bottom of the door to the fixed hinge are placed into the side of the hinge assembly after removal; this holds the door at a 45 degree angle for easy removal. After that, just place the door on a flat surface and dismantle the door from the inside. The inner glass is contained in a metal frame with another piece of glass; this frame comes apart easily using the clips in each side. The door assembles easily after the glass is replaced; just take your time and give yourself enough room to lay out the parts as you go. Good luck! Read more...
Inner Door Glass
PartSelect Number PS439978
Manufacturer Part Number 316237100
Installation Instructions
Ronald from Ozone Park, NY
Change on e of the inside glass
removed the screws holding the front part of the door and from there worked my way, untill the third glass.
It took a couple hours, my first time,. Overall easy,
Oven Door Glass Panel
PartSelect Number PS438402
Manufacturer Part Number 316088700
This oven door glass panel is the first glass located behind the front oven door glass.
Installation Instructions
Inside oven glass was cracked
The repair was fairly easy. The oven door was attached to a spring arm that had one screw holding each arm to the door. Once off, the outside set of screws were removed and saved in a small dish. Each section had 6-10 screws, to it's best to keep each set separate from each other. Each of the three layers (of the door) came apart easily by removing the screws for each section. The inside (broken glass) lifted out, was replaced, and the sequence was repeated in reverse. During the reassembly I was able to clean the other layers of glass that had gotten build-up on them over the years. Total time start to finish was about 30 minutes. Only tool required was a screw driver! Probably saved 100+ dollars! Read more...

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