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Murray Snow Blower Pin, Shear, 1-3/4
PartSelect Number PS9999468
Manufacturer Part Number 703063
Shear Pins are designed to break off in order to prevent further damage to your machine. Because they are designed to break, we recommend having a few spares on hand. This part is made of metal, is silver, is not part of a kit or assembly, and is sold individually. A Shear Pin will break when you hit a large chunk or ice or other debris. Once it is broken, it will need to be replaced. You will need pliers to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
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Murray Snow Blower Bolt, Carriage
PartSelect Number PS9999542
Manufacturer Part Number 703185
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Murray Snow Blower Nut-Hex 5/16-18
PartSelect Number PS9999668
Manufacturer Part Number 703409
This hex nut is a fastener made from steel and is used to secure the end of a bolt in various lawn and garden equipment and machinery. It is a genuine OEM replacement part that comes in a standard size of 5/16 of an inch with 18 threads per inch. The hex nut has a hexagonal shape, which gives it greater grip and makes it easy to tighten using a wrench or a set of pliers. The nut also has a flange on one end, which locks the nut in place, prevents damage to the area where it is installed, and allows the load to be evenly distributed. It is important to replace your hex nut if it is loose, cracked, or corroded. If you have not yet removed the old hex nut from your equipment you will need a socket wrench to remove it. After that, you can easily install the new nut by threading it onto a bolt or screw and then tightening it with a wrench or pliers until it is tightly secured.
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Murray Snow Blower Knob, 5/16-18 Wing (Black)
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PartSelect Number PS9999469
Manufacturer Part Number 703065
This 5/16-18 wing knob is sold individually. It is a plastic part, black in color, that works on a variety of equipment. Its general function is to allow you to quickly loosen, remove, or fold down things such as handles. If it no longer loosens or tightens, it may be broken or damaged due to fatigue and wear. Replacing this part is an easy repair that does not require any tools.
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Murray Snow Blower Shear Bolt and Nut
PartSelect Number PS12668206
Manufacturer Part Number 707555
Shear bolt and nut kit
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Murray Snow Blower Belt, Drive V3L
PartSelect Number PS8891963
Manufacturer Part Number 1733324SM
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Murray Snow Blower Spacer, Sleeve
PartSelect Number PS11832108
Manufacturer Part Number 703058
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Murray Snow Blower Kit, Shear Bolt
PartSelect Number PS9894320
Manufacturer Part Number 1501216MA
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Murray Snow Blower Bearing, Ball
PartSelect Number PS8887153
Manufacturer Part Number 1705897SM
This ball bearing is sourced from the original equipment manufacturer and can be used in a variety of outdoor equipment. It has an inner diameter of 11/16 inches. The ball bearing provides support for the rotating parts in your equipment and reduces the amount of friction they are subject to during use. If the bearing is not adequately lubricated or has worn down, you may hear grinding or squeaking from your equipment and notice excessive vibration when in use. It is important to address this issue promptly as a faulty ball bearing can potentially damage the parts located near it. To replace the ball bearing, use a pry bar or bearing puller to pry it out of its housing. Clean the housing thoroughly and press your new ball bearing in position. Note that when pressing the ball bearing into place, apply force only to the outer portion of the bearing.
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Murray Snow Blower Belt, Auger V 3L
PartSelect Number PS9042546
Manufacturer Part Number 585416MA

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