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Turbo Fan
PartSelect Number PS3528580
Manufacturer Part Number 5900A20007B
This turbo fan is commonly used in the assembly of air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The fan is used to draw air through the unit and move it forward into your home. If your fan is cracked, broken, or damaged, it will impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your appliance. If your dehumidifier is loud during its cycle, or the coils are icing over, the turbo fan could be the issue. This fan assembly is made of black plastic, has an outside diameter of approximately 8 inches, and it is sold individually. This is an authentic OEM replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Compressor Set,China
PartSelect Number PS3517606
Manufacturer Part Number 2520UCBS003
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Grille Assembly,Front(Indoor)
PartSelect Number PS3519364
Manufacturer Part Number 3531A10285H
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PartSelect Number PS3519607
Manufacturer Part Number 3550A20073G
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PartSelect Number PS3519666
Manufacturer Part Number 3550-CL001D
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PartSelect Number PS3521077
Manufacturer Part Number 3650A20007B
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PartSelect Number PS3522277
Manufacturer Part Number 3831A20079S
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PartSelect Number PS3523272
Manufacturer Part Number 4681AR2727R
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Tank Assembly,Bucket
PartSelect Number PS3523977
Manufacturer Part Number 4839A10004J
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PartSelect Number PS3524529
Manufacturer Part Number 4960A20009D

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