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Switch Assembly – Part Number: 6600A30003C
Switch Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3529251
Manufacturer #: 6600A30003C
  No Longer Available
Connector,Hose – Part Number: 5214A20027B
PartSelect #: PS3527251
Manufacturer #: 5214A20027B
  No Longer Available
Roller Assembly – Part Number: 4441A30001B
Roller Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3522978
Manufacturer #: 4441A30001B
  No Longer Available
Sensor Assembly – Part Number: 6877A30013R
Sensor Assembly
PartSelect #: PS3530194
Manufacturer #: 6877A30013R
  No Longer Available
Turbo Fan – Part Number: 5900A20007B
Turbo Fan
PartSelect #: PS3528580
Manufacturer #: 5900A20007B
This turbo fan is commonly used in the assembly of air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The fan is used to draw air through the unit and move it forward into your home. If your fan is cracked, broken, ...
  In Stock
PCB Assembly,Display – Part Number: 6871A20600A
PCB Assembly,Display
PartSelect #: PS3529789
Manufacturer #: 6871A20600A
  No Longer Available
PCB Assembly,Main – Part Number: EBR36909303
PCB Assembly,Main
PartSelect #: PS3533771
Manufacturer #: EBR36909303
  Special Order
Handle – Part Number: 3650A20004B
PartSelect #: PS3521072
Manufacturer #: 3650A20004B
  No Longer Available
Damper,Compressor – Part Number: 4830A30005B
PartSelect #: PS3523944
Manufacturer #: 4830A30005B
  In Stock
Tank Assembly,Bucket – Part Number: AJL72991901
Tank Assembly,Bucket
PartSelect #: PS3532860
Manufacturer #: AJL72991901
  No Longer Available
Motor Assembly,AC,Indoor – Part Number: EAU32357511
Motor Assembly,AC,Indoor
PartSelect #: PS3533526
Manufacturer #: EAU32357511
This is a fan motor assembly used for a dehumidifier or air conditioner. The motor assembly is an essential part to keep your appliance working effectively, because components of a fan can be attached...   No Longer Available
Capacitor Film Box – Part Number: 0CZZA20007W
Capacitor Film Box
PartSelect #: PS3517208
Manufacturer #: 0CZZA20007W
  In Stock

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Common Symptoms of the LD450EAL

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Unit says bucket is full when it isn’t
Fixed by
these parts
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bucket full light constantly blinking with error code 01 on the display
Unscrew and detached front and back panels, and inside framework holding the sheet metal to the body, after removing the sheet metal, unscrew the box enclosing the control board, use needle nose pliers to unhook the sensor module from the board and place the new sensor into the spots where the old sensor was connected (thermostat area, humidity Sensor, bucket switch, and control board). Close up the unit and your good to go.
Parts Used:
Sensor Assembly
  • Seif from DETROIT, MI
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Pliers, Screw drivers
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broken roller wheels
released broken wheels from their position using a screwdriver and secured new ones w/ a pliers.
Parts Used:
Roller Assembly
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
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fan motor ceased up
I really like this dehumidifier it has a feature I cant find on any new ones. 2 hours on two hours off. This works very well for me. Humidistats on all I have tried do not work well, they turn on and off every couple minutes very aggravating. So for the 3rd time I needed to replace fan motor old motor bearing ceased up. I researched online for new dehumidifier and came across LG fan and motor at Parts Select for less than $20 bucks it is up and running. Took almost a month for the motor to arrive but it is worth it. also motor needed a capacitor that my old motor didn't need. Luckily I had a spare capacitor from a pool filter motor I repaired years ago. Thanks Parts Select your going to be my first choice on my next appliance repair.
Parts Used:
Motor Assembly,AC,Indoor Turbo Fan
  • Wayne from Brockport, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    1- 2 hours
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