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Detergent Dispenser
PartSelect Number PS11770680
Manufacturer Part Number 5304507354
This part releases the detergent and rinse aid into the dishwasher. NOTE: Color may vary but the part will function the same as the original.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door latch failure
  • Leaking
  • Not cleaning dishes properly
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
C from Covina, CA
Dispenser door broken.
Disconnect from power
Unscrewed 4 phillips screws from top of outer door.
Unscrewed 2 screws each siide of door.
Lower outer door section drops away.
Note wiring sequence on dispenser, then disconnect wires.
Unscrew 6 screws on dispenser and lift dispenser out.

Place new dispenser in place (note orientation), ann fasten in place with screws, remembering to replace wire retainer on left lower screw.
Reconnect wires to dispenser correctly.
Slide lower outer door over tabs and secure with the 4 side screws.
Ensure lower door is up under control panel and secure with the 4 top screws.

Fill dispenser with detergent, reconnect power and test run while enjoying a cup of tea in celebration of a job well done..
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Tine Bracket
PartSelect Number PS2330942
Manufacturer Part Number 154428403
This is a bracket, but it may also be known as a dishrack row clip, or simply a tine clip, and it is used in conjunction with your dishwasher. The purpose of this part is to fasten to the rack and the tine row. This will give the tine the stability it needs to hold your glasses and bowls by firmly attaching to the rack. You will not need any tools to make this repair. This piece is sold individually, measures to be about 2 inches by 1 inch, and is gray in color.
Installation Instructions
Alan from Gladstone, OR
The brackets on the lower rack had worn out and not holding up the tines.
The parts came in a timely manner and took about 15 minuets to replace with no tools. Read more...
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Silverware Basket
PartSelect Number PS12728992
Manufacturer Part Number 5304521739
This silverware basket has been redesigned by the manufacture. This is a one piece basket that replaces a system of three baskets that snapped together. The new basket measures 16.88" x 8", has two lids and grey in color.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Joe from Madison, WI
Needed a replacement basket and lower rack assembly because the other ones had become rusty and cracked. Called and spoke with a sales associate to make sure I was getting correct parts. Received both of them quickly with a fair price and would use them again in the future.
Just swapped out the old with the new and it has been great. My wife is very happy and that make me very happy. Read more...
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Lower Dish Rack Roller
PartSelect Number PS2331200
Manufacturer Part Number 154671301
The roller assembly is attached to the upper dishrack of your dishwasher. This is what allows you to easily move your dishrack in and out. The wheel may become damaged over time and will not allow you to easily slide the rack back and forth. To perform this repair, you will need to first open the dishwasher drawer. Remove the end caps of the upper rack and the rack should easily slide out. There are 4 wheels on either side of the dishwasher (8 in total). Check to make sure they are all in good shape in case you need to replace more than one at a time. Simply use your screwdriver to remove and re-install the new part.
Installation Instructions
Raleigh from HOUSTON, TX
Front rollers lost their wheels every time the tray was pulled out.
I got tired of having to replace the wheels. The wheels were essential for the tray to align along the tracks.Snap part into place Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS2331244
Manufacturer Part Number 154689501
This is an OEM dishrack roller assembly that fits on the lower rear of your dishwasher rack. This part is sold individually. Check the opposite lower dishrack assembly before ordering in case it needs to be replaced as well. The rollers attach to your lower dishrack and allow the rack to smoothly roll forward and backward when the dishwasher door is open. Without the rollers, it would be difficult to access the rack to safely fill and empty the appliance with dishes. The front lower roller assembly will have a different part number than this part.
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Wash Arm Bearing
PartSelect Number PS9492561
Manufacturer Part Number 807035801
This part is the replacement wash arm bearing for your dishwasher. It is made of black plastic and is approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter. The wash arm bearing allows the wash arm to rotate when the dishwasher is operating. A broken bearing can make the wash arm difficult to rotate, and when this occurs, your dishes may not be washed properly. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Gasket - Black
PartSelect Number PS3651526
Manufacturer Part Number 154859401
This gasket is a seal for your dishwasher and prevents leaking from occurring. The gasket can become worn down over time and you might notice some discoloration. This indicates a replacement is necessary. The gasket is found in between the opening of the dishwasher tub and the outside edge of the door. This seal is made of rubber and is black in color. This repair requires no tools. To ensure that it is properly sealed into place, shut the dishwasher door, and leave it shut for a few hours.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
The sensor showed an E1 leak which is "water underneath the machine"
Went to the website, viewed the schematic and ordered the two gaskets that form the seal around the door and tub, Gaskets should be ordered as a set if you have a leak and suspect the door. We saw discoloration at the bottom edge of the tub gasket indicating that there was water seeping through out onto the floor.The gaskets install by hand without the use of tools. Less than $100 in parts prevented the replacement of a $1,400 dishwasher. Read more...
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Leveling Leg
PartSelect Number PS11770497
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506540
Sold individually.
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Dishwasher Adjustable Rack Tine
PartSelect Number PS9864769
Manufacturer Part Number 154721404
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Michael from Katy, TX
Fence in dishwasher rack rusted
Unsnapped three clips in lower rack securing old fence in rack. Attached clips to new fence and snapped assembly back into rack. Read more...
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Lower Rack Fold Down Tine
PartSelect Number PS11700635
Manufacturer Part Number A00255403

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