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Snapper Generator Cap, Fuel Gauge
2 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS9314364
Manufacturer Part Number B4363GS
This OEM replacement fuel gauge cap is designed for use in generators. It comes in a cylindrical shape and has a built-in window to easily view the fuel levels without pulling out the entire cap. It is approximately 5.25 inches in length, while the head has a diameter of 3 inches. The purpose of the cap is to cover and protect the fuel gauge, which indicates the levels of gas available in the tank. It prevents dirt and debris from entering the gauge area and prevents fuel from leaking out. A faulty cap will allow contaminants to enter the gauge, and cause fuel to leak, leading to inaccurate fuel readings and safety risks. Twist the cap to remove it and clean the surrounding area thoroughly. Place the new gauge cap in position and ensure that it is locked in place.
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Snapper Generator Line-Fuel
PartSelect Number PS9140673
Manufacturer Part Number 791745
This fuel line is compatible with several different makes and models of small engine equipment and is sold as an individual part. Equipped with the securing clamp, this rubber fuel line is used to transfer fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor, and over time and due to exposure of gas, this fuel line can become brittle and crack, requiring a replacement. If you find your equipment is performing worse, check the fuel line for any visible signs of damage. To replace the fuel line, you will need to disconnect the spark plug and drain the fuel from your equipment, before simply removing the old line and installing the new one and reassembling the rest of the motor.
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Snapper Generator Pin, Hair
PartSelect Number PS9999596
Manufacturer Part Number 703300
The hair pin is a silver, metal pin used to secure and lock parts in place. If broken, the part being secured will come loose and the pin should be replaced. This is an OEM part directly from the manufacturer. Most customers rated the replacement of the hair pin as an easy repair.
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Snapper Generator Gasket- Exhaust
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS9294810
Manufacturer Part Number 692237
Installation Instructions
Alberto from PALMETTO BAY, FL
Generator would not start, Birggs & Stratton recommended to replase Gasket Exhaust.
Remove the spark suppresser, 4 face screws, 2 bottom screws and the two screws the hold the gasket. I also had to back out the top screw of the cover it blocked and prevented the removal of the gasket. Read more...
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Snapper Generator Valve, Fuel
PartSelect Number PS8916470
Manufacturer Part Number 209417GS
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Snapper Generator Breaker, Circuit, 20A
PartSelect Number PS9919917
Manufacturer Part Number 209872GS
This circuit breaker is an important safety device found in the control box of your generator. It protects the electrical system from overloads and short circuits by automatically cutting off the electricity flow when it detects excessive current. It can handle a maximum current of 20 amps. You can tell if a circuit breaker is broken by checking for visible signs of damage, such as an unresponsive button, cracks, or burnt marks. If the circuit breaker repeatedly trips, the breaker may be faulty or overloaded. You will need a screwdriver, a set of pliers, a socket set, and a nutdriver to replace the breaker in your generator. Follow the instructions in your user manual to access the control box. You typically need to remove the carburetor and the fuel tank before removing the cover of the control box. Please note that this OEM replacement part is sold individually.
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Snapper Generator Fuel Valve W/Bushing
5 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS8911051
Manufacturer Part Number 192980GS
Made of durable rubber and plastic components, this Fuel Valve and Bushing are designed for use in over 150 models of generators and pressure washers. This item is sold as a kit, including the valve and the rubber cap. Its primary purpose is to deliver fuel from the tank to the carburetor. This part is found on the underside of the fuel tank and should be replaced when it is worn or damaged. When malfunctioning, it may cause your engine to be starved of fuel and run rough or not at all. You will need a screwdriver and pliers to complete this repair. Customers rate this repair as Easy.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
James from PICAYUNE, MS
Dry rotted rubber
Put some dish soap on the rubber, push into the tank hole, slip 1x2 into the handle of the tank and over the new part and pry down pushing it into the hole. Took about 2 minutes. Read more...
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Snapper Generator Battery Charger
PartSelect Number PS12089850
Manufacturer Part Number 705927
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Snapper Generator Assembly, Handle
PartSelect Number PS8904965
Manufacturer Part Number 189715GS
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Snapper Generator Circuit Breaker
PartSelect Number PS9116929
Manufacturer Part Number 75207DGS

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