Appliance Education

We really do love appliances. Some may even say we‘re obsessed. In this section you will find our compiled collection of research and knowledge about everything appliance-related. Brush up on your appliance history lesson and then catch up on the newest appliance trends.

Appliances are always evolving, becoming more energy efficient and performing at higher levels, which create a constant learning curve for us and our DIY customers. We think no person should ever stop learning and that’s why we’re always educating ourselves and the latest and greatest. If you ever feel out of the loop (sometimes we do too!) check out these articles out to keep your mind sharp.

Make it Homemade with KitchenAid: Mixer & Attachment Chart

The perfect companion for KitchenAid mixer fans, whether novice or expert! We’ve laid out the attachments and their uses in this timeless infographic!

Everything you Need to Know About the Microwave

The microwave oven is a household appliance that has revolutionized modern home kitchens. This guide is everything you need to know about the microwave.

The Rise of the Electric Home Appliance

This guide will explore home appliances as they were developed as well as take a closer look at the methods used to perform those specific tasks prior to each invention.

Simple Machine Lesson Plans

A simple machine is a device used to assist people in getting work done easier such as pulleys, levers, wedges, and inclined planes. Find out how to use simple machines to complete tasks faster.

Complete Guide To Ovens

Today’s cook can choose from a variety of eclectic ovens that meet an array of modern cooking needs. Find out which cooking appliance is best for you from the microwave oven to the dutch ove.

Air Conditioning Filters Guide

Air conditioner filters prevent dust and grime from building up and come in a variety of sizes. Use these guidelines on air conditioner filters to maximize your filters benefit on the environment and your health.

Kids Can Learn - DIY 101 with Colin and Steve

Twelve year-old Colin repairs a washing machine while learning about DIY home repair, basic tools and safety tips from PartSelects Senior Repairman, Steve Ash.

Animation: How A Washer Works

If you`re the type of person who looks at everyday items and wonders how they work, this animation is for you. Get an inside look at a washing machine in action to see what goes on behind the scenes!

The Anatomy of Oven Repair

Its tough to get by without a working oven. If something goes awry, you need to know how much its going to cost, and how long its going to take to fix - then get it done fast! In this infographic we’ll show you how damage to critical parts will affect your oven, your wallet, and your day!

The Anatomy of Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is one of the few items in your home that is running non-stop, day or night. When you think about the constant work your refrigerator is doing, it is actually pretty amazing that they hardly break down or encounter problems. Check out this infographic to find out what to expect when the uncommon occurs.

How Big Is General Electric?

You may see the GE logo on your fridge or stove and think they’re just an appliance company. But did you know GE is striving for energy efficiency, or that they’ve got offices on nearly every continent? (Not Antarctica … yet!) See where General Electric has come from and how it’s aiming to change the future of electricity and energy.

Appliance Vocab. Fun!

You can discover all of the wonderful things appliances have to offer by getting a better understanding of what major appliances and electronics are designed to do.

Hi-tech Appliances Right Out of the Jetsons

No more writing out grocery lists by hand. Today, your refrigerator can create lists for you. Some smart appliances can even let you know when something is broken and tell you exactly which appliance parts are needed to repair your appliance.

Refrigerators Vs. Dumpsters - You Decide

Your favorite restaurant or grocer's dumpster may be serving as a 'dive-through' grocery store for Freegans, dumpster diners who choose to consume food and other items that most consumers consider unusable.

Inventing the Dishwasher (Josephine Cochran)

Josephine Cochran's dissatisfaction with the traditional way of washing dishes led to the invention and patent of a dishwashing machine in 1886.

Fridge & Freezer Power Outage Facts

25 fridge and freezer safety tips for power outages. There are a few things a family can do during a power outage to keep their foods and families safe from bacteria during and after a power outage.

Fridge & Freezer Food Safety Facts

A comprehensive guide to food safety resources for your fridge and freezer. Use these guidelines to keep your refrigerated and frozen food safe for you and your family.

Electric Math - The Numbers Behind Our Appliances

Learn about how to read an electric meter, how much energy costs, math conversions and formulas containing to energy use, how we can save energy, and much more.

Major Appliances, Major History - The Refrigerator & Freezer

Major appliances can be described as machines that accomplish daily household or commercial and institutional functions such as food preservation, cooking, and so on. Before refrigeration systems were invented, people used to cool food by means of snow and ice either brought from the mountains or found locally.

Resources For Upgrading Home Appliances

Upgrading home appliances can be an opportunity for homeowners to make their existing home appliances sounder.

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