Kids Can Learn - DIY 101 with Colin and Steve

By Steve Ash

If you've ever completed one of our appliance repairs or tackled a DIY project around the home, you know just how great it feels when the job is complete. At PartSelect, we believe DIY does more than just save money - it also inspires creativity, fosters independence and encourages confidence. We also believe that DIY isn't just for adults either; children of all ages can benefit from the opportunity to use their hands, follow directions and feel like they're making a difference.

To show just how easy it is to get kids involved in DIY home improvements and repairs, we asked our friend Colin to join our Senior Repairman Steve to fix a front load washer. Throughout the video Colin and Steve will discuss safety tips and precautions, basic tools required for repairs and what tasks are appropriate for children of different ages.

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There is no better time than today to get children interested in DIY! If you're looking for some additional ideas, inspiration or safety suggestions, here are some great resources we recommend for parents and kids alike. If you know of any websites that you think should be included here, give us a shout by leaving a comment here, on our Facebook page or over on Twitter.

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