Hi-tech Appliances Right Out of the Jetsons

By Steve Ash

Hi-tech appliances are using smart technology to revolutionize the way we do things in our homes. Smart appliances tell you what ingredients you have, help you decide what to eat and will prepare your food to perfection. No more writing out grocery lists by hand. Your refrigerator can create the lists for you. Some smart appliances can even let you know when something is broken and will tell you exactly which appliance parts are needed to repair your appliance.

Smart refrigerator

Digital Media Refrigerator

Loathe writing grocery lists and deciding what to make for dinner? Be sure to put this refrigerator on your "must have" list. This smart appliance comes with a built-in 15" HD-ready LCD screen and message center. Watch TV or surf the Internet for your favorite recipes, right in your kitchen. Say goodbye to fridge magnets and wall calendars. The LCD screen also functions as a digital tablet, enabling you to leave hand-written messages for your family or set reminders for yourself. Some models even give you the option to leave voice messages. Depending on the brand and model you choose, the refrigerator will inventory what's inside, and based on what you normally stock, create a grocery list for you and send it to the grocery store.

Internet controlled refrigerator-oven

Programmable Refrigerator Oven

This programmable refrigerator-oven will refrigerate and then cook your meal so it's ready to serve by the time you get home from work. When in refrigerator mode, the oven keeps your meal properly chilled until the built-in timer activates the unit's oven mode to start the cooking process. You can use the Internet or your cell phone to communicate with the appliance and activate the built-in timer that switches the unit from refrigerator to oven mode to begin cooking your meal.

Barcode scanning microwave

Barcode Microwave

Smart microwaves take the guess work out of microwave cooking. The microwave's built-in barcode scanner recognizes the type of meal, its size and brand by scanning the barcode on the product package. When a product is scanned, the microwave quickly sifts through up to 4,000 barcodes in its memory, automatically selecting the correct temperature setting and cooking time.

Smart laundry room appliances

Text-Messaging Washer

Smart washers and dryers are the answer for people tired of spending too much time in the laundry room. These smart appliances, currently in development, will do everything but fold the laundry. Connect the washer and dryer to your household network and they can text message, instant message or even display a message on your television screen when a cycle is finished. You can also use your computer or cell phone to start and stop the appliances, reducing the number of trips to the laundry room.

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