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Appliances are gadgets and pieces of equipment that are designed to make our lives easier. Whether it’s a simple appliance such as toaster, or something more complex like a computer, these things are there to help us perform functions in daily life more efficiently and easily. You can discover all of the wonderful things appliances have to offer by getting a better understanding of what major appliances and electronics are designed to do. Once you know what the various appliances or electronic items are, you can use them in any number of helpful ways.

Camcorder – A small, electronic camera designed to record and play back video and audio. There are many types of camcorders; some use video cassettes, while others may use CD discs or USB memory designed to work in conjunction with a computer. The newer versions are known as digital camcorders.

Cell Phone – Short for cellular phone, cell phones are remote telephones that enable people to talk to one another in just about any location.

Dishwasher – A household appliance that washes dishes using a motor and powerful jets of water. Dishwashers can save you from having to soak or scrub pots and pans, and make getting plates, cups, and utensils clean simple and easy.

Dryer – A dryer gets clothing, bedding, and towels dry after they've been washed. Dryers can be powered either with gas or electric power sources and can get clothes dry much more quickly than if they were air-dried.

DVD Player – An electronic device designed to play movies and other forms of entertainment using an optical disc. DVD players allow the user to fast forward and rewind movies much faster, and the picture is much clearer than a VCR cassette player.

Microwave- Cooking device designed to warm up or cook foods much faster than a traditional stove. Often, microwaves are used to make things like popcorn and to heat up frozen dinners.

Oven – A cooking appliance that can use gas or electric heating sources. An oven is designed for you to be able to bake goods or warm up food.

Refrigerator – This large kitchen appliance is made to keep cold foods cold and preserved. Most refrigerators also come with freezers attached so that some food can be frozen and ice can be kept.

Remote – A remote control allows people to change the channel remotely without having to get up and do it manually. New television set remotes also have volume, mute, fast forward, rewind, and other functions.

Stove – A stove is typically the top part of an oven. Stoves can be gas or electric, and can have a flat top on some models. Stoves allow you to heat up and boil water and cook food in pans.

Television – An electronic device designed for people to be able to watch live programming, recorded shows, as well as sitcoms, movies, and local or national news. Television sets have been around since the 1950s and have developed into an everyday appliance. New models include LED, plasma, high definition, flat screen, and other technologies.

TV Projector – Much like older style projectors, a TV projector is designed to bring life to the big screen. Modern day TV projectors allow users to view their television programming on a larger scale such as the wall or a movie screen.

Video Camera – A video camera is similar to a camcorder but may have more features. Often, a video camera has more options and can give the user more editing choices than a traditional, smaller camcorder, which is designed for the home user.

Washer – This appliance is for washing clothing, sheets, towels, and other linens quickly. A washer, or washing machine, is a helpful home appliance that lets you do laundry in the comfort of your own home.


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