How to Fix the LG Washer OE Error Code

How to Fix the LG Washer OE Error Code

Causes and Fixes for the LG Washer Draining Problems
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The LG washer OE error code is a signal that the washer is unable to drain water out of the washer tub. It appears on both front load and top load washers and the troubleshooting steps are the same, regardless of the model that you own. The OE error is often caused by a kinked, improperly installed, or clogged drain hose; a dirty pump filter; or a faulty drain pump. This guide will help you drain the water from your washer and provide you with practical step-by-step solutions to get your washing cycle back on track.

How to Drain Water from Your LG Washer to Clear the OE Error Code

The OE error is triggered when the washer is not draining or is draining very slowly, and leaving water standing in the washer tub. This may be a simple problem that can be resolved by removing the water from the washer and then restarting the wash cycle. There are two main ways, listed below, that you can use drain the remaining water from your washer to clear the OE error.

How to Run a Spin Cycle to Drain the Water from Your LG Washer

  1. Power on the washer.
  2. Press the "Special Use" key until only the "Spin Only" option is illuminated.
  3. Press the "Start/Pause" button to begin the cycle.
  4. Your washer should then begin to drain the water that is inside the washer tub.

If your washer model does not have the "Spin Only" option follow the steps below to drain your washer.

  1. Power on the washer.
  2. Select the wash cycle.
  3. Press the Start/Pause button to start the cycle.
  4. Once the washer is running, press the Start/Pause button to pause the cycle.
  5. After 8-10 minutes the washer will time out and begin to drain on its own. This should clear OE error.
  6. Run an empty wash cycle to see if the washer is now functioning correctly. If the error occurs again, you will need to move through the troubleshooting steps below.

Causes and Solutions for LG Washer OE Error

LG Washer Repair Tip: Before doing any repairs, make sure to unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet, and turn off the water supply to the washer.

Kinked or Clogged Drain Hose

The drain hose carries water out of the washer tub at the end of the wash cycle. The hose must be positioned correctly and free of obstructions to ensure water is pumped out and does not siphon back into the machine.The hose can become kinked if the washer is pushed back too close to the wall, or if there are items stored behind the washer that restrict the space available for the drain hose. If you are the proud owner of a new LG washer, the OE error may be caused by improper installation of the drain hose. On the other hand, the hose can become clogged with lint, hair, coins, buttons, or socks. If the hose is kinked or clogged, it will be unable to drain water from the washer or it will drain very slowly, leading to the OE error code.

How to Position Your Drain Hose to Avoid Kinks

  • Pull the washer away from the wall to ensure it is does not apply excess pressure to the drain hose.
  • Do not use the space behind your washer for storage and be sure to remove any items that may have fallen and landed being the washer.
  • Ensure the hose has a U-shaped bend, also know as a standpipe trap, before it goes into the drain. This prevents back flow from the drain into the washer.
  • Insert the drain hose into the standpipe at the correct height, typically between 18 to 36 inches.
  • Avoid using an excessively long drain hose. A long hose often creates loops, which might cause kinks or water trapping.
  • Wherever possible, maintain a straight path for the hose to avoid sharp bends which can restrict water flow.

How to Clean the Drain Hose to Clear OE Error

  1. Locate the drain hose at the back of the washing machine, and inspect it to ensure it is free of kinks or sharp bends.
  2. Place a bucket or towels below the connection points.
  3. Compress the clamp that secures the hose to the back of the washer and slide it up the hose.
  4. Carefully pull the hose off the connection at the back of the washer.
  5. Examine the hose for any visible blockages, such as lint, coins, or other small items.
  6. If there are obstructions inside the hose, run high pressure through the hose to force them out.
  7. If the water does not force it out, use a long wire or brush to push out the obstructions. Be careful not to damage the hose.
  8. Reconnect the drain hose and use the clamp to secure it in place.
  9. Plug the washing machine back in, turn on the water supply, and run a short cycle to see if the OE code has been resolved and the machine drains properly.

How to Fix the LG Washer OE Error Code

Clogged Drain Filter

The pump filter, also known as the drain filter is designed to catch small items, lint, hair, and other debris that might get past the drum during a wash cycle, to prevent these items from reaching the drain pump and causing clogs or damage. A clogged filter can restrict the water flow, leading to longer drain times or incomplete draining, which would trigger the OE error. You will need to clean to the filter to resolve the code. However, if the filter is damaged, you will need to replace the filter.

How to Clean a Clogged Drain Filter to Clear the OE Error
  1. Open the small access door at the bottom front of the washer
  2. Place a bucket or pan underneath the filter, remove the cap, and allow any water to drain out.
  3. Once the water has drained out, gently turn the pump filter counterclockwise and pull it out.
  4. Check the filter for any debris, lint, coins, or other obstructions, and clean it thoroughly.
  5. After cleaning, insert the filter back into its slot and turn it clockwise until it's tight.
  6. Reinsert the drain tube and secure its cap.
  7. Close the access door.

Faulty Drain Pump

The drain pump is responsible for pumping water out of the washer's drum through the drain hose and into the drainage system. The pump contains an impeller, which is a series of blades that spin and push the water through the pump and into the drain hose. If the pump has an electrical fault, becomes clogged or the impeller is damaged, the water won't drain correctly, leading to the OE error code. You can check if the drain pump is functioning correctly by either running a spin cycle, visually inspecting it, or testing it for continuity with a multimeter.

How to Test the Drain Pump Using a Spin Cycle

  1. Ensure the washer is switched on.
  2. Press and hold the button labeled "Spin Speed" until it is set to "High".
  3. Press the "Start/Pause" button to begin the "Spin Only" cycle.
  4. If you hear a humming sound coming from the washer, then the drain pump is functioning.
  5. However, if there is no sound or you hear unusual noises, then you will likely need to manually inspect the drain pump.

How to Access the Drain Pump in an LG Washer

  1. Depending on your washer model, you may be able to access the drain pump either by removing the front access panel or by removing the rear panel. Either way, you will typically find it mounted to the bottom of the washer.
  2. Pull the washer from the wall to access the water supply hoses, and disconnect them.
  3. Examine both the pump’s inlet and outlet to see if there may be any items creating a blockage.
  4. Remove the mounting hardware that holds the pump in place and slide the pump off the motor shaft to examine it more thoroughly.
  5. If your washer has its own pump, you will need to remove the filter screen to verify that the pump is not clogged.
  6. If there are no visible obstructions and you hear the motor running, the impeller might be damaged. If it is, the pump will need to be replaced.
  7. If the pump is clean and the impeller is not damaged, you will need to test the pump motor (if it has its own motor) for continuity using a multimeter.

How to Test the Drain Pump with a Multimeter

  1. You may need to refer to the wiring diagram for your model to determine the correct terminals to test.
  2. Set the multimeter to the continuity setting, and touch the multimeter probes to the pump's terminals.
  3. If there is no reading, or the reading is not within the correct range, you will need to replace the drain pump.

How to Replace the Drain Pump to Clear OE Error

  1. Simply discard the old drain pump and place the new one in its position.
  2. Reattach the water supply hoses and secure them with the appropriate clamps.
  3. Reconnect the wiring harness, and secure the pump with mounting hardware.
  4. Reattach the front access panel or the rear panel.
  5. Once you've replaced the pump, plug the washing machine back in, turn on the water supply, and run a short cycle to ensure the washer drains correctly and that the OE code no longer appears.

How to Fix the LG Washer OE Error Code

Control Board Glitch

Although it is rare, the control board may be the cause of the OE error on your LG washer. The control board controls the functions of the washer. When the washing or rinsing cycle is complete the control board sends a signal to the drain pump to activate and drain water out of the tub. If it experiences a minor glitch, it may be unable to send this signal, resulting in the OE error code.

How to Reset Your LG Washer to Fix OE Error

  1. Press the Power button to turn off the washer.
  2. Disconnect the washer from the power outlet.
  3. Turn the washer off at the circuit breaker and wait approximately minutes before turning it on at the circuit breaker again.
  4. Reconnect the washer to the power outlet.
  5. Press the Power button to restart the washer.
  6. Check that the OE error has been resolved and resume regular use of your washer.

How to Clean Your LG Washer after Clearing the OE Error

Once the OE error code is resolved, you may need to clean out your washer tub to avoid unpleasant smells from moisture buildup.

  1. Turn the washer on and remove any items inside the tub.
  2. Select the "Tub Clean" cycle.
  3. Take your tub cleaner and follow the instructions on the package. If it is a powder or liquid cleaner pour it into the appropriate part of the detergent dispenser and if it's a tablet, place it directly in the washer tub.
  4. Press the Start/Pause button to start the cycle.
  5. Once the cycle is complete, open the washer door and detergent dispenser, and let the washer dry completely before using it again.

The OE error code, while intimidating at first glance, is your LG washing machine's way of communicating a drainage issue. By regularly checking the drainage hose and filter, you can avoid encountering this error in the future. However, if the problem persists even after following the recommended steps, it might be time to consult with a professional or contact LG customer service. Remember, regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your appliance.

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