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Roller Support Tri-Ring – Part Number: WPW10512946
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Roller Support Tri-Ring
PartSelect Number PS11755850
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10512946
If you notice that your dryer is noisy or will not tumble, you may need to replace the tri ring. This part is triangular, and is less than an inch in size. Tri rings can be found both on the idler pulley shaft, or on the rear drum roller shaft. In either case, you will need to remove the front panel of the dryer and the drum to access the part for repair. Once you have accessed the damaged tri ring, you will simply need to slip it off and replace it with the new one. This part is sold individually. Be sure to disconnect the power source from the dryer before you begin this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
Will not tumble

Installation Instructions
John from Tucson, AZ says,

worn out part
The repair was fairly easy. The most timely part of the repair was removing the twelve screws from the back panel to expose the more

Igniter Kit – Part Number: 279311
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Igniter Kit
PartSelect Number PS334180
Manufacturer Part Number 279311
If your dryer will not heat, takes too long to dry, or does not provide enough heat, you might want to replace your igniter kit. This silicone carbide igniter with ceramic holder kit includes the 3-inch flat igniter, bracket, 4-inch wire leads, and the plug. The kit can replace both round and flat igniters and is used for many gas clothes dryers. Be sure to disconnect the power source from your dryer before you do this repair. The igniter is located within the burner assembly, so you will require tools to complete the repair. You will need a putty knife, a small flat blade screwdriver, a 5/16 nut driver, and a 5/16 socket with a ratchet.
Fixes these symptoms
No heat or not enough heat
Takes too long to dry
Will Not Start

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Installation Instructions

No Heat. Dryer keeps running but no heat to dry clothes.
Repair was very easy. We are in the internet age so I use it all the time to get info on how to repair any thing in the house including cars. This time it was my dryer. I typed up 'Kitchen Aid dryer more

Cover Screw – Part Number: WP308685
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Cover Screw
PartSelect Number PS11740701
Manufacturer Part Number WP308685
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Peter from WRENTHAM, MA says,

Kenmore 80 Series Washer - Agitator Stopped Working
First I screamed at the ceiling, because I have a three year old and an infant, and the washing machine was dead. Then I went to youtube. It seemed like the "agitator dogs" were the issue.

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Single Front Panel Cip – Part Number: W10854425
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Single Front Panel Cip
PartSelect Number PS11731288
Manufacturer Part Number W10854425
This part is the replacement single front panel clip for your dryer. It is made of metal and is approximately 2 inches long and ¾ inch wide. The front panel retainer clip is what holds the front panel on to the dryer. If the clip is damaged or missing, or if the front panel appears loose, you may need to replace the clip. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part.
Fixes these symptoms

Installation Instructions
Sean from BAR NUNN, WY says,

Belt was slipping, and having a hard time spinning the drum
First off, start by turning of the breaker to the dryer and confirming the power has been turned off. Next, remove the lint screen and two screws holding the lint screen housing to the lid. Remove more

Single Access Panel Spring Retainer/Clip – Part Number: WP3388229
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Single Access Panel Spring Retainer/Clip
PartSelect Number PS11741425
Manufacturer Part Number WP3388229
Sold Individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close

Installation Instructions
Russell from Orlando, FL says,

Dryer would not heat.
Watched on-line video on how to disassemble and test heater element, thermostat, and hi-temp shut down. Heater element was open. Ordered new heater element. Re-installed heater element iaw video more

Front Top Lock – Part Number: WP18776
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Front Top Lock
PartSelect Number PS11738705
Manufacturer Part Number WP18776
This part is used to secure the top panel to the cabinet. Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Mark from Huntington Station, NY says,

broken clip on top panel hold down
pressed clip into hole on top of front panel. first remove two philip screws that hold filter so you can lift top more

Screw, 8/18 x 3/8 – Part Number: WP90767
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Screw, 8/18 x 3/8
PartSelect Number PS11746840
Manufacturer Part Number WP90767
This screw is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Alexander from Lakeland, FL says,

Broken Dryer Knob
First let me just say that is now one my stored favorites in my web browser. I came home from a business trip and saw a pair of pliers on the dryer. I thought that was odd until my more

Screw – Part Number: WP488729
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PartSelect Number PS11742721
Manufacturer Part Number WP488729
Metallic screw that is less than an inch long. Does not include the plastic washer.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Kyle from Wimauma, FL says,

Black Cam was bren on lower door hinge
This was a very simple job. Remove the top Hinge bracket, a total of 4 screws, lifted the door off the bottom hinge, removed the bottom hinge set up, 2 screws, replaced it, and attached the new more

Roller Shaft Washer – Part Number: WP348197
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Roller Shaft Washer
PartSelect Number PS11741763
Manufacturer Part Number WP348197
Fixes these symptoms

Installation Instructions
Edward from Andover, NJ says,

Dryer was sqeaking loudly when running
I Looked on internet sites for this type of problem.
Most sites said the support rollers could cause this.
I found your site PartSelect and with help of your diagrams of the machine ordered more

Support Roller Clip – Part Number: WP90296
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Support Roller Clip
PartSelect Number PS11746832
Manufacturer Part Number WP90296
Sold Individually.
Fixes these symptoms

Installation Instructions
randy from simi valley, CA says,

bad drum rooller bearing
took the top, sides and back removed the drum and replaced the roller roller shaft and drive belt and the belt more