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Our main passion is everything appliance-related and since appliances play such an important role in our lives, we end up gaining knowledge in a wide spectrum of topics. Take a stroll through some of these informational resources to keep you and your home safe and healthy.

Creepy Crawlies: Common Household Spiders and Prevention Tips

Learn how to prevent spiders from getting into your home, and what to do if they make it in there! Also read our tips for identifying different spider species on sight.

A Budget Guide for Every Income

Learn the fundamentals of budgeting, and apply them to your own income, whatever it may be! Our guidelines allow for successful saving with plenty of flexibility.

Ohm My Gosh! Find the Perfect Yoga Practice for You

Demystify different yoga practices by reading our guide. Find out which one is best suited for you, whether its a practice that pushes your physical boundaries or a relaxing restorative class.

Launder Like a Boss: Decoding Your Clothing Tag Labels

Eliminate all confusion over the symbols on your clothing laundry labels. Never launder your clothing on the wrong setting again, for better results after your wash!

Simple Exercises and Tips for Busy People

Dont let your busy schedule get in the way of keeping fit! Read our guide for quick and simple exercises that can be done almost anywhere, so you can always squeeze in a workout.

Most Popular and Iconic Home Design Styles

Learn how to identify the most popular and iconic home design styles by their features with our guide!

Eureka! Everything You Need to Know About Light bulbs

All you ever wanted to know about light bulbs is right here! Find out about different types of bulbs, which are the most efficient, and how to recycle the old ones!

Baby Its Cold Outside: How to Keep Your Hot Tub Running in the Winter

Keep your hot tub warm and cozy all winter long by following these maintenance tips and tricks to avoid frozen pipes.

A Cut Above

This maintenance guide will teach you how to keep your lawn and mower in great shape! Your mower needs some tlc in order to keep your lawn looking great, so make these steps a part of your regular routine.

D.I.Y. Pest Control

Pests can overrun your home in no time. Follow these home remedies to eliminate pest problems from your house and yard.

An Instructional Guide To Building a Kegerator

Always have cold beer on tap with this step-by-step kegerator guide. Find out what equipment, supplies, and steps you will need to follow to build your own.

Savvy Shopper: How Consumers Use Their Smartphones to Shop

Learn about how shoppers today are savvier than ever thanks to their smartphones. From price checks to store locations, consumers are equipped with all the information they need right at their fingertips!

Understanding How Electricity Powers Your Appliances

Find out more on the background and discovery of electricity and how it runs the appliances in your home.

Your Online Guide To Photovoltaics

Learn about the process of photovoltaics which produces clean renewable energy without pollution.

Industrial Arts: Woodworking For Kids

When children engage in woodworking projects, they have the chance to learn at every step of the way. The measuring in woodworking can improve both the sense of numbers and space of kids, and the construction and design factors of woodworking helps to exercise kids’ visual skills.

DIY Electronics and Appliance Repair

Learning DIY electronics and appliance repair can be very beneficial, because it enables people to save money and gain useful knowledge.

A Do-It-Yourself Basic PC Repair Resource Guide

Learn how to do basic computer repair at home.

Appliance and Kitchen Sanitation: Understanding the Bacteria that Causes Foodborne Illness

Many types of bacteria exist from beneficial kinds to harmful kinds. Use this resource to help you avoid foodborne illness.

Movie Night In Your Own Backyard

No need to fork over the cash for a night out at the movies when you can have the same experience in your own backyard. Creating an outdoor entertainment space at home is not only a whole lot of fun, it isnt as tough as you might think - follow along and well teach you how!

The Ultimate Resource Page on Food and Food Safety

Everything you need to know about food and food safety including nutrition guidelines, food handling and preparation tips, and how to safely cook.

How to Preserve Food by Drying

Food drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. It is simple, safe, easy to learn and dried foods make great sources of quick energy and wholesome nutrition.

Repair Guide: Removing Fabric Stains

There are many tips and tricks that will help in the removal of certain stubborn stains and nothing says happy like vibrant, stain free fabric.

Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Becoming a Major Part of Children's Lives

Many children, even as young as kindergarten-age, are becoming cell phone owners. The potential of things that can be done with these phones is endless.

Hand Washing for Kids

This guide examines the importance of hand washing particularly with kids as well as hand washing laws and the prevention the spread of germs.

All About the FDA's Food Code

The United States Food Code is a model created by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the purpose of regulating the sale, manufacturing, and consumption of any product or service involving food.

Food Preservation Basics

Learn the history of food preservation including drying, freezing, jellying, canning and other methods of food preservation.

Food Poisoning Prevention

The following resources will help readers better understand the risk of food poisonings as well as other household-related poisonings and learn how to respond when a poisoning is suspected.

An Educator's Guide to Food Safety Material

Teaching food safety to our students can help eliminate toxins waiting to attack and weaken our immune systems.It’s essential to maintain food safety during every aspect before consumption. Here you will find resources for educators to introduce food safety into their curriculum.

E. Coli Learning Center

Learn how to prevent, treat, and eliminate e. coli infections in your home.

Managing Sodium: A Major Part of Your Diet

Sodium is a necessary component in the diet of humans and animals. Learn how to properly manage your sodium intake.

Educational Nutrition Material for Select Age Groups

Nutrition is vital to the health and well-being of all human beings. Learn how to make sure you and your family are getting the proper nutrition out of your diet.

Smart Food Choices: Part of any Heart Healthy Diet

For useful tips and advice for making a heart healthy diet work for you and your family, check out our guide to smart food choices.

Major Cause of Food Borne Illness

Many types of bacteria exist from beneficial kinds to harmful kinds. Find out how to protect you and your family from food borne illness.

Books vs. Cell Phones: Where to Find Childrens Reading Resources

Many children, even as young as kindergarten-age, are becoming cell phone owners. The potential of things that can be done with these phones is endless.

A Guide to Getting Active and Healthy!

Being active, even in small amounts, is an incredibly effective way to help our bodies become healthier and improve our overall body function.

Movin' Out: The Ultimate Guide to Relocating Your Family

Use this relocating guide to help prepare you for moving your family to a new home, outside of your country or with the military.

Complete Guide to Solar Cooking

Solar energy is a reusable energy and an efficient way to cook. The following resources provide information to get started with solar cooking.

Kid's Guide To Space Shuttles And Their Parts

How are the space shuttles constructed? How do space shuttles work? How do they lift off? How long do shuttle trips usually last? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

Anatomy For Kids: A Guide To Body Parts

The human body is truly wondrous. Now just how it looks, but how it works!

SoapBoxxer.com - The End to an Experiment in Social Networking

How SoapBoxxer came to be, what went right and what went wrong, and why we came to the decision that it was time to end the project.

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