Movin' Out: The Ultimate Guide to Relocating Your Family

Moving from one place to another can be both stressful and exciting at the same time. Each year across America, hundreds of thousands of people move from one home to another, whether within the same state or to another state. Some families may also move to a foreign nation, particularly military families. Moving doesn’t have to be a horrible experience, however, and with the right planning, people can move to their new homes smoothly and quickly. Knowing how to get everything done right the first time and a bit of cooperation and organization are key parts to getting settled in the right way. Doing research on things like moving trucks, storage options, and getting a feel for your new location are all essential to an easy transition.

Preparing for the Move

Getting ready to relocate is the first step in the moving process. Think about your new location, and get an idea of where important facilities such as hospitals and police stations are located. Look at the new neighborhood, and find out where major grocery stores and other important places are situated. Check into facts such as the local population, current government programs, and schools. Get ready to pack as far in advance as possible, and begin boxing up some household items that are not needed right away such as decorations and off-season clothing. Label all of your boxes, so when you move in to the new home, it will be much easier to unpack and set everything up. If storage space will be needed, reserve the space in advance so you can easily put everything in its place as soon as you arrive. Calling utility companies in advance and getting power, gas, and water turned on for the move-in date will ensure you have all the essentials ready to use.

Moving with Kids

Families with children will often have a more complicated time when it comes to relocating. Here are a few tips for moving with kids:

  • Let kids know about your move well in advance. Moving can be hard on them, so they need to be able to prepare and accept the fact that you’re changing homes.
  • Take your children on a tour of their new school if possible and where applicable. This will help them get a good idea of what their new school will look like and how it will operate.
  • Stay positive, and reassure children that moving is fun and exciting. If you and your spouse remain positive, the kids will, too.
  • Offer kids ways they can help. Assign them some responsibilities such as packing up their rooms, doing simple cleaning, and other things. Making them feel involved will help them feel as if they are contributing.
  • Sit down as a family and address all of the kids’ concerns. This can help to ease fears and clear the air before you move.

Moving when in the Army

Military families often move from place to place fairly often. Army members can be transferred often without notice, and have to relocate to far-away places, sometimes overseas. This can be difficult for wives and children who have become settled in one place only to be relocated to another not long after. As an army member, if you’re moving overseas, the army should be able to assist you with the relocation of furniture and other items. They will also educate you and your family about the new location so you can be prepared for the change in environment. Just like any other move, planning ahead is essential. There are tools online that can help army families get ready for their big move, and sponsors are available as well to give families guidance.

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