Going Green

Here at PartSelect.com we are huge supporters of the green movement. One of the cores of our business is providing customers with the resources to make repairing major home appliances an easy and inexpensive process. Repairing and reusing what you already have limits the amount of waste that go into our landfills and the resources that go into manufacturing new products. Every year, more than 250 million tons of trash is generated in the United States with most ending up in the dumps.

Green Clean Exercise Equipment

Learn to keep your gym and exercise equipment squeaky clean with our green DIY cleaner recipes, made from ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.

How Low Can You Go: Tips on Lowering Your Homes Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon emissions starts at home. Learn how to lower your homes carbon footprint by understanding how much energy your appliances use.

Water Conservation and Household Appliances

Individual acts of household water conservation are generally easy to undertake. There are a number of appliances and fixtures that can improve a homes water efficiency in a passive manner, requiring only installation effort.

Energy Saving Tips: Using Your Appliances More Efficiently

Saving energy can help cut your household costs and benefit the environment. Learn how to cut your costs appliance by appliance.

Appliance and Electronics Recycling Guide

Learn how to properly recycle various home appliances and electronics.

A Home Guide to Composting

A guide to everything you need to know about composting at home.

Green Guide to Recycling Appliances and Electronics

If you need to recycle old appliances and electronics, follow these green guidelines to dispose of them safely and properly.

Guide to Energy Efficient Appliances

Making smart choices when buying any appliances can save you money. This guide will help you to calculate current energy usage and learn the how to buy energy efficient appliances.

Energy Star Appliances

Being environmentally conscientious helps preserve our precious earth and can also save you money!

Nine Wacky Ways to Reuse Appliance Parts

Try out these zany and even practical ways to reuse your household appliances.

Recycling Your Old Appliances

When it comes time to dump that outdated or worn-out appliance, resist the urge to toss it in the dump and do your part to properly dispose or recycle it. As you’ll see, it can be as easy a phone call!

Save On Energy Guzzling Appliances

Take action to minimize the environmental impact your energy-guzzling major home appliances make.

Mother Nature Takes a Part: Wind Energy

Harnessing the power of the wind is a promising way to meet the growing demand for electricity while avoiding harmful environmental impacts.

Energy Efficient Homes - Doing Your Part to Save Energy

Energy conservation starts at the most basic roots: individuals. By conserving energy at a residential level, the numbers quickly add up on a national scale and can make a dramatic difference.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Understanding our Effects on the Environment

A fun and educational reference to learn about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, to increase awareness and concern for the environment among school aged children.

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