9 Wacky Ways To Reuse Appliance Parts

Want to do something creative and environmentally friendly with your old appliances? Is the old fashioned way of disposal just too boring for your tastes? Then try out these zany and even practical ways to reuse your household appliances.

  1. Turn your old washer drum into a rustic, outdoor fire pit! The holes in the drum allow air to get in and let your fire 'breathe'
    Washing Machine Fire Pit
  2. Use your old dryer as a storage bin for apples and potatoes. You can even reuse that endless ball of dryer lint!
  3. How about converting your old fridge into a tool shed or storage closet for the basement or garage?
  4. If you're good with your hands, you can get really creative and make a lamp out a washing machine drum and pulley wheels.
    Washing Machine Drum Lamp
  5. Check out this article for 28 unique ways to upcycle in the garden using broken pots, old stove parts and more.
  6. If your home landscape lacks some greenery, reuse a washer tub, dryer tub, or even an old BBQ as a plant pot.
    Washing Machine Drum Planter
  7. Get really innovative like this guy and build your very own scooter using some old appliance parts.
  8. Got a mind for engineering or robotics? Let your old appliances inspire you to build a robot.
    Washing Machine Robot
  9. You can even be inventive with appliance parts, such as circuit boards, with these Ten Creative Ways To Reuse Circuit Boards.

By being inventive, imaginative and conscious of your waste, you can actually do something creative that helps the environment. Who knew being green could be so much fun?

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