A Guide to Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances are important in the function of every day life. Millions of people depend on appliances to cook food, store food, wash clothes, to heat homes in the winter and to cool homes in the summer. Although appliances and the tasks they perform are essential, operating them can be very costly in energy usage.

Making smart choices when buying any appliance can lower energy bills and save money over a lifetime. Not only will buying energy efficient appliances keep costly expenses down but it will benefit the environment as well. And with all of the state and federal rebates offered as incentives, now is the time to look into making the switch. With a little bit of research and the following resources, homeowners can calculate current energy usage, compare appliances, and learn the important strategies for buying energy efficient appliances.

Appliance Information

  • Appliance Facts: An energy guide for large appliances.
  • Energy Efficient: A how to fact sheet for buying energy appliances.
  • Conserving Energy: A FTC article for consumers needing help to buy energy efficient articles.
  • Upgrade: Need help getting started buying energy appliances. These basic tips will put you in the right direction.
  • Appliances: A fact sheet for choosing the right washer and dryer to save consumers money in the laundry room.
  • Energy & Cost Saving: Compares the savings that would occur if consumers invested in energy efficient appliances.
  • Appliance Credit: An update of the modified Energy Efficient Credit for Appliances.
  • Energy Star Appliances: Explains what the Energy Star program is.
  • Shopping Guide: Guide to buying and understanding the energy ratings for appliances.
  • Dorm Shopping: A guide to buying energy efficient appliances for the dorm room.
  • Energy Guide Labels: Explains the three types of energy labels and the life cost of major appliances.
  • Energy Cost: An interactive applet for figuring appliance usage.
  • Save Energy: Describes what to look for when purchasing efficient appliances.
  • Consumer Guide: Guide to buying efficient electronics.
  • Efficient Appliances: Purchase and maintenance tips for large appliance.
  • How to Buy: Prepare a plan to purchase the right energy efficient appliances.
  • Facts for Consumers: The Federal Trade Commission offers advice for purchasing appliances.
  • Energy Series: Facts, tips and answers to questions concerning energy efficient appliances.
  • Small Appliances: List common small appliances and the amount of kilowatts per hours used a year.
  • The Savings: Shows the savings possibilities by switching wattage products.
  • Energy Guide: Use the energy labels to compare appliances.
  • Green House Plans: Find out how to make your entire home green and energy efficient.

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