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PartSelect Number PS464564
Manufacturer Part Number 5303306080
If the bucket is full indicator on your dehumidifier is on, but the bucket is empty, or your dehumidifier is overflowing, you may have a problem with the float. This device is located near the bucket and moves up as the water level in the bucket rises. The float will trip the water level switch when the bucket is full. This is a safety device to prevent the unit from overflowing. When the switch is tripped, power to the compressor and fan motor circuits is disrupted until the bucket is emptied. Make sure that the float assembly can move or pivot freely so that it can trigger the level switch when the bucket is full. If the assembly is warped or damaged it should be replaced.
Installation Instructions
Shelah from Grove City, OH
This dehumidifier is the best we have ever had but the water reservoir container split and the float broke off.
Never dreaming I could find a replacement, I went searching on the internet anyway and found the model which had been discontinued however the container and float were still available. It took two minutes to put the new float in and the reservoir container on the unit. It works great!!! Read more...
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Water Bucket
PartSelect Number PS3653697
Manufacturer Part Number 5304487153
This water bucket is for dehumidifiers. Water bucket collects condensate water that drips from the evaporator. Follow the instructions in your owner's manual to install the water bucket.
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Compressor Start Relay
PartSelect Number PS426380
Manufacturer Part Number 216594300
The compressor start relay attaches to the compressor in your refrigerator. If your refrigerator will not start, one of the most common parts to fail is the compressor start relay. Sometimes called the controller, this device is used to boost the compressor until the unit is running. Other common symptoms connected to start relays include: refrigerator will not start, will not cool, is making a clicking, humming or buzzing sound, or the compressor itself is warm to the touch. You may also smell a burnt plastic odor if the relay has failed. Shake the relay and listen for any rattling, as this is a sign that it is faulty.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Linda from Gurnee, IL
The compressor would not run.
I removed the cover, used a multimeter to test the compressor circuit, and found the compressor start relay to be defective.
Ordered a new one and installed it when it arrived.
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Red Indicator Light Lens
PartSelect Number PS2349641
Manufacturer Part Number 318250801
This indicator light lens protects bulbs in ranges, ovens, stoves, and humidifiers. The lens keeps the bulb from getting cracked, scratched, and damaged. It is 1 inch long and 1 inch wide. If your lens is defective or broken, or the bulb is easily getting damaged, replacing the lens can be a solution. Refer to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer for further accurate guidance. Remember to unplug your appliance from the power source before starting this project and wear gloves to ensure your hands are protected.
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Drain Adapter
PartSelect Number PS11724131
Manufacturer Part Number 5304502644
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Humidistat Control
PartSelect Number PS462294
Manufacturer Part Number 5303296823
This is a humidistat control for a dehumidifier. The humidistat on your dehumidifier responds to the humidity in the air to determine if the appliance should continue to dehumidify or shut off, based on the desired humidity level. This control needs to be replaced if the dehumidifier wont shut off when the desired humidity level is reached. This part is approximately 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The part will be easy to replace, simply remove the front cover, remove the humidistat from the bracket, and remove the two push-on wire connectors. Reverse this process to reinstall the control. Be sure to disconnect power to the dehumidifier before completing this repair.
Installation Instructions
Jonathan from New Oxford, PA
Unit would run continuously and not shut off
Removed the front cover and then the humidistat from the bracket. Two push on wire connectors and then reversed. Very straightforward and excellent part matching. Given the prices for new dehumidifiers it was great to breathe life back into this unit which does its job well. Thanks for the easy to use web site and fast fast service! Read more...
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Water Bucket
PartSelect Number PS11724132
Manufacturer Part Number 5304502645
This water bucket assembly is for dehumidifiers. Water bucket assembly collects condensate water that drips from the evaporator. The assembly may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a complete list of parts included.
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Compressor Mounting Grommet
PartSelect Number PS426002
Manufacturer Part Number 216498900
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PartSelect Number PS1146986
Manufacturer Part Number 5304447258
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PartSelect Number PS611517
Manufacturer Part Number 327650407

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