What Does '88' Mean on GE Air Conditioners?

What Does '88' Mean on GE Air Conditioners?

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If you're using your General Electric air conditioner and all of a sudden it begins beeping and flashing an '88' on its screen, something within it is not working properly or has shorted. It may be something as trivial as needing to replace its air filter or cleaning the A/C itself, but when it flashes and doesn't respond or start up, it's normally a part-related issue like the temperature sensor and/or control board. But worry not, all of the information you need to help you figure out the issue at hand is here!

What Does '88' Mean on GE Air Conditioners?

The '88' that displays on certain GE air conditioner models does not have a direct meaning or specific error behind it, but merely means that there is something not working properly within the air conditioner's system. It's important to note that if your home experiences a power surge or outage, an '88' will likely appear on the display when you turn it on next, and it's not inherently a bad thing. But if your A/C stops working or flashes and beeps with '88' on its display, there are some things you can do to fix it.

Fix GE Air Conditioner Code 88 with a Soft Reset

The very first thing you can do to fix a GE air conditioner that's flashing '88' is to perform a soft reset. Depending on your air conditioner model this may appear differently, but simply pressing the 'Reset' button or the series of buttons specific to your model will reset the appliance.

Fix GE Air Conditioner Code 88 with a Hard Reset

If a soft reset doesn't fix the issues you're having with your GE air conditioner, disconnecting it from power for 5-10 minutes performs a hard reset and may fix issues that a soft reset couldn't. When you do this, you can also use a voltage tester to check whether the wall outlet is outputting a consistent level of electricity.

How to Replace Parts to Solve GE AC 88 Code

If you've performed a hard and soft reset on your GE air conditioner, and it's still not working as it should, you'll be looking to replace a part or two; the parts that have a tendency to end up causing problems are the air filter, the temperature sensor, and the control board(s).

How to Replace GE Air Conditioner Filter

Replacing or cleaning an air conditioner's filter is something that can fix issues you may be having with your air conditioner's performance, which can lead to further issues if not taken care of beforehand. The location of your model's filter will be specific to that model, and may vary. It's important to clean it every 30 days if possible, or depending on your use of the appliance. If your air conditioner's filter is damaged, broken, or simply in need of replacing, you can find a new OEM filter at PartSelect.com!

Some do's and don'ts regarding the cleaning and replacing of your air filter:

  • Don't: Install a filter that may be damp or even a little moist. Make sure it is clean and dry upon installation.
  • Don't: Clean your filter aggressively with a brush. Filters like this must be cleaned gently by hand or soft-bristle brush, and cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Don't: Use your air conditioner without a filter. Ensure an air filter is in place before you turn the air conditioner on.
  • Do: Vacuum the air filter gently with a brush attachment before washing it in water.
  • Do: Use detergent to get out any excessive dirt in the filter.
  • Do: Handle the filter with care. Any tears or cuts in the filter will render it ineffective.
  • How to Replace GE Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

    Thermistors, a type of temperature sensor, are a type of thermally sensitive resistor that detects small, incremental changes in the surrounding temperature by way of resistance to temperature variations. These sensors can short and just stop working properly, and cause many issues for the appliances you use, like your GE air conditioner. You can find a new OEM sensor for your GE air conditioner on PartSelect, and read the general guide below to find out how to replace it.

    1. Unplug your air conditioner from the wall outlet.
    2. Unthread any securing screws keeping the air conditioner seated in its window position, if necessary.
    3. Disconnect and remove the front grille, which may require a screwdriver.
    4. Use a screwdriver to remove the control panel and front of your air conditioner, to gain access to its interior.
    5. Remove the front panel and any other panels covering the interior components.
    6. Once you have access to the interior, locate the sensor and disconnect it. The sensor will appear as a mounted wire attached to the control board. Reference your user manual for further assistance.
    7. With the old sensor removed, install the new sensor.
    8. Resecure the front panel and any other panels that were removed, including the control board.
    9. Resecure the front grille and seat the air conditioner back into position.
    10. Connect the air conditioner to power and turn it on to test.

    How to Replace GE Air Conditioner Control Board

    If your GE air conditioner is flashing an '88' error code and/or is simply not turning on or working properly, the ultimate culprit is a faulty or shorted control board. Control boards can stop working for a multitude of reasons, especially if your appliance is an older model. Fortunately, PartSelect has a wide-range of new OEM control boards for whichever GE air conditioner model you may have, and the guide you need to assist you in replacing it!

    1. Unplug your air conditioner, remove it from its position, and set it on a sturdy surface.
    2. Remove the air filter and front grille.
    3. Unthread and remove the cabinet of the air conditioner to gain access to its interior components.
    4. Locate the control board and take note of its wire arrangement.
    5. Disconnect all of the connected wires.
    6. Remove the old control board and unscrew it from its housing if necessary.
    7. Install the new control board, within its housing too, if necessary.
    8. Secure the new control board within the air conditioner.
    9. Connect the appropriate wires to the control board.
    10. Once the control board is secured and wired appropriately, reconnect the cabinet of the air conditioner.
    11. Reconnect the air filter and front grille.
    12. Reseat the air conditioner back into position and plug it in to its power outlet to test.

    Hopefully at this point, your GE air conditioner is now working again! However, if you find that your air conditioner is still not working properly and you're seeing '88's pop-up, the best option may be to contact General Electric for a warranty repair or replacement. Or if your A/C is outside of its warranty period, perhaps you should begin exploring options for a new air conditioner!

    Just remember that PartSelect's wide range of OEM parts is the hub for any and all repairs you may have, for the appliances you use most! And our home-improvement guides and error code articles can all be found on the PartSelect Blog!

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    PUBLISHED ON January 09, 2024
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