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Whirlpool Ice Maker Drain Pump
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS3650734
Manufacturer Part Number 1901A
Used for freestanding ice machines.
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Whirlpool Ice Maker Circulation Pump with Motor
3 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS11739740
Manufacturer Part Number WP2217220
The circulation pump assembly, used in a free-standing ice maker, delivers water from the water tank over the top of the evaporator plate. It does this to form the ice that drops onto the cutting grid. The first step in installing this part is to remove the chute, ice scoop bracket, water pan, and head cap screw that holds the plastic cover over the pump. Refer to the manufacturer-approved installation instructions for further guidance and accuracy. Make sure to disconnect and unplug the ice maker from the power source before installing the circulation pump. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands.
Installation Instructions
Louis from Cheyenne, WY
Lack of frequent cleaning resulted in pump failure due to buildup from hard water mineral deposists
This ice maker is really a Kitchenaid appliance.

1. Remove all ice and drain water pan by removing drain cap.
2. Disconnect waterline and unplug ice maker
3. Set icemaker on a work bench unless you like working on your knees, head down.
4. Remove flip out chute and ice scoop bracket.
5. Remove water pan by removing thumb screws
6. Remove single 1/4" head cap screw that holds plastic cover over pump.
7. Remove discharge hose from pump. Pull clear plastic 1/8" diameter water supply line from notch in left edge of pump base.
8. Remove three cap screws holding pump. Two are visible. The third one is behind the pump and requires an 8" extension on the socket.
9. After the three screws are removed the pump drops down. The electric connection must be unplugged. Pinch the tabs on either side to release the plug.
10. Reverse procedure to install new pump. Unless you have really small hands or love being frustrated, don't bother to reinstall the third screw that is behind the pump. The pump stays in place just fine without that screw.
11. After reinstalling the icemaker, clean thoroughly by washing all inside surfaces with a strong bleach solution.
12. Run a cleaning cycle with one quart of strong bleach solution in the water tray. At the conclusion of the cleaning cycle, drain the water tray. Place unit into service. DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN REGULARLY. If the water supply is not chlorinated molds and algae will develop in recirculation hose.
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Whirlpool Ice Maker Water Pump Assembly
PartSelect Number PS1484571
Manufacturer Part Number 2313702
This part includes the recirculation pump and motor sensor.
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Whirlpool Ice Maker Water Pump and Motor
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS11744631
Manufacturer Part Number WP756782
This part helps circulate water through the evaporator to form ice that will be cut into cubes.
Installation Instructions
The water pump broke (too old).
I removed the three nuts that hold the old pump, easy. Next step was to replace with the new pump, tricky, because it goes real deep in the machine and my arms barely reach it.
After several attemtps, I finally reached one screw and bolt it immediately. Rest was piece of cake.
What I liked most, is that you don't need to do any wiring connections, because it uses a simple plug-in connector that goes in at the same time when you bolt the new pump.
What it surprised me, was that my machine it's over 20 years old, and the new replacement water pump it's the very same design !!!
Last night I fixed it, and today I'm enjoying again fresh ice.
One plus for PartSelect : I inherit this machine and didn't have an Installation & Operation Manual,and PartSelect have it On-Line, so I printed it, and I believe I'm ready another 20 year period of fresh ice!
Thanks a lot PartSelect !!!

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